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Vendredi 25 mai 2012  
Patch 1.8.0 (210)

The servers will be coming down within the next 30 minutes 12:30AM - 1pm BST for 2-3 hours.

This is to deploy Patch 1.8.0 (210) to address various issues introduced in yesterdays main 1.8.0 patch.

Here is the list of fixes.

    Sitting Duck no longer invisible.
    3 Point-Graffiti mission's UI has been fixed.
    CSG Hard-Damage has been raised slightly.
    Fixed Machine Gunner & Pointman roles auto-advancing to 16, for anyone at level 15 of the respect roles.

Top tier not unlocking relevant weapon skins is still under investigation, we apologize for this issue.

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Mercredi 23 mai 2012  
Patch 1.8.0 Release Notes

Greetings Players!

Tomorrow the servers will come down at 10 AM BST to deploy patch 1.8.0, the estimated downtime is 6+ hours, however the downtime may run longer if unexpected issues occur.

Here are the patch notes for tomorrow!


    Weapon Skins: We've added a variety of weapon skins for a number of primary and secondary weapons in the game. You'll be able to get some of these by: advancing certain weapon roles to level 16; unlocking one of the four new achievements for maxing out a head contact; or through purchase on the ARMAS store. If you open your inventory screen and highlight a skin, you'll be able to see the various skin choices available and how to unlock them.
    Now possible to grab task items while you are jumping!
    Multi single point capture: Multiple players can now capture a point at the same time - the more players in the point the faster they will capture it.
    Neutral Graffiti Points: have been added so that contestable graffiti targets don't start with one side already holding them. This will eliminate the issue where one faction had to capture more spray points than the other faction.(Two known minor UI issues with this feature - will be fixed shortly as we did not want to delay the patch)
    Implemented a neutral colour state for the checkpoints. Missions targets that don't belong to either side will be grey
    Spawn System: We've tweaked the re-spawn system so that it will ignore AFK players. This will stop you being re-spawned right next to the unhelpful idiot. The spawn AFK timer kicks in long before the normal one.
    Radar Jammer Graffiti: The personal graffiti of ignored players will no longer be shown when they use the Radar Jammer mod.



      Numerous server performance improvements.


      The lighting and camera positions for the 3D preview displays have been updated and improved. This affects: primary and secondary weapons, grenade display, character outfit display, and vehicle display.

Audio Work

    Balanced weapon audio (mix pass) and improved the audio effect of marksmanship mode.
    Updated ambient audio in San Paro Central Station (Double B and Shift's location).
    Added ambient audio around the church in Financial.
    Updated the pain/death audio to be less intrusive.
    Updated audio for the silenced FBW.
    Changed OBIR Carbine audio to be two shots, not three.
    Low pass filter on Audio display points, brough down all Audio display points, brought down 3rd person PMG.


    Contact / Environment

      Devil Dog has moved to a new perch...


      Vehicle spawners have been added across the road from the New Cross Skate Park in Financial.
      Fixed parts of the APD Car Park in Financial having ledges that can be walked out onto and used as a hard to reach spot for mission items


    Added 'Trexxon Energy Group' maintenance vans to the streets of San Paro
    Added a new taxi type that can be found in both action districts.
    Recoil Fixes: This will affect every weapon as 1.7.0 had incorrect values. In all cases this increases the amount that is regained after every shot.
    Added custom skins for 'Rapid99' and 'Sluttles' weapons (along with unique Tagger icons) for the 'Butcher' competition winners.
    Added Hazardous alternative skins (Red/Green/Blue/White) for the Joker Random-box prize. Players who already have the weapon will have to redeem code 'HAZARDOUS' on the marketplace to get access to them (as stated in each of their descriptions).
Bug Fixes
    Fixed the issue where automatic weapons would jam if the user attempted to fire too quickly between weapon firing states.
    Criminals will now spin to face the Enforcer when being arrested. This is to avoid edge cases that prevented the Enforcer from being able to perform the arrest.
    Fixed a crash that could occur when no selection was active when selecting another primitive in the symbol editor.
    Fixed HUD message implying that you can unlock the rest of TipToe's gang. You can't. Sorry.
    Fixed an issue where it was possible to decrease the grenade timer by switching weapons while a grenade was primed.
    Fixed the issue that prevented the user creating a new character without first logging out, after deleting every character in their account.
    Fixed a server assert that was caused by an LC vehicle being cleaned up when it had a task item in it.
    Fixed a server assert related to ambient vehicles.
    Fixed an issue where players could circumvent the HVR re-fire timer by priming a grenade.
    Removed a lap top from a table in Baylan so that it is no longer left floating in the air when the table is destroyed.
    Players are no longer able to duplicate items they have not unlocked.
    Criminals should now hear the "cuff" soundFX when arrested.
    Fixed an issue where players automatic weapons would appear to fire faster if they were holding a task item and started firing.
    Fixed an issue where the player would not have VFX or SFX when firing, if they were holding a task item and started firing.
    Marking Country-Gent as non-trade able.
    Checkpoint capture timer no longer resets if one player leaves before it is complete.
    Task items no longer have priority over ladders, so there should never be a case where you can't pick it up in front of a ladder.
    The Enforcer camera equipment ("The Shutter Bug") now has icons that go from lv2 to lv4 (brings it in line with all the other equipment).
    Fixed an issue that would still show the roof light VFX after the lights had been removed.
    This affects:

      1. Macchina Calabria 127 (Enforcer Starter)
      2. Dolton Broadwing (Taxi)

    Beret no longer has a line down the centre of it when the player is running at the lowest graphical setting.
    Lowered a floating vehicle spawner in block 01 (Michael Simeone) of the Waterfront district.
    Fixed an issue that caused the UI in fight club to incorrectly show the wrong progress data.
    Graffiti point at the back of Gaijin (in the Financial district) is now correctly lit.
    Witness mission drop off volumes should now be at the correct height.
    Blocking volume added to a fence in block 13 of the Financial district (North Havalynd) to prevent players being able to get behind it.
    A section of glass is now destructible in Block 13 of the Financial district (The Needles - Haverall Plaza).
    Players can no longer enter marksmanship mode in a social district.
    Fixed some Z-fighting on the top floor of the car park in Financial (where TipToe hangs out with her brood).
    Fixed a bush that was not being lit correctly in LeBoyce's spawn area.
    Removed a nasty drop off point in block 31 of the Financial district (GRESTY).
    Put back in a garage door that was not present in the Beacon district
    Enforcers now have Chassis Strengthening lv1 & 2 mods.
    Capture icon now appears for every player.
    Fixed semi-auto pistol issue with female characters so that their hands no longer bend backwards when in marksmanship mode.
    Fixed an issue that was making female characters show up naked in the editor.
    Fixed typo in Grissom's mail (You been notched up.) that had an erroneous question mark after his name.
    Players can no longer get through the ceiling of the Tower Plaza building in the Financial district.
    Phone booths beside Shift now have player collision in the subway station (Financial district).
    Valentines carbine no longer has old Joker Carbine Audio.
    Fixed an issue some players were having with the SDD.bin on startup.
    Brake lights are now visible to passengers.
    Fixed up some missing geometry in the Subway Information booth (Financial).
    TipToe's contact bio is now written in the game standard of US English.
    Fixed a prop that was sitting through a wall in the Financial district version of the Beacon.
    Fixed punctuation issues in Devil Dog's bio.
    Nulander wheels no longer show through the rear of the vehicle.
    Pioneer and Espacio now display the correct information for parts.
    Enforcers are no longer able to reach the upper floor of the Criminal's social district club.
    Cash earned UI issue has been fixed so that it always shows the correct amount.
    Fixed an issue that prevented the user from being able to re-add the front lights for the Enforcer starting vehicle.
    Fixed an issue that was causing the bull bars to be locked on the Seiyo Citadel V4.
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Jeudi 10 mai 2012  
New Weapon Skins Coming with 1.8.0 Update

(Post by Qwentle, Lead Designer of APB)

With 1.7.0 out of the way, we thought it's about time to talk about what we've been working on with the next big update. While there will be a number of items and updates in 1.8.0, the big talking point that I'm going to discuss is the introduction of Weapon Skins.

How Do Weapon Skins Work?

By default when you unlock a weapon skin, all skinnable weapons in the game will gain access to that skin. In some cases however this will be unique to the weapon, available to all weapons of that type (Shotguns for example) or archetype (Pointman weapons etc). When you are near an ammo zone, you can choose from a list of all weapon skins, mousing over them to preview the item. If you select an unlocked skin (shown highlighted in white) your weapon will immediately switch to the selected object and if you mouse over a non-unlocked skin (greyed out) you will be told how to attain it.

Why aren't all weapons skinnable?

To get this feature to you guys as soon as possible, we'll be initially rolling out a limited selection of weapons (generally one from each weapon group). Adding the ability to switch the skins quickly and with a minimum of network traffic / memory has required us to completely switch how the textures on the weapons work, and it takes time to convert from the old version to the new. As such, the first release will include the following weapons, with more to follow as they are converted:

OCA-626 (and variants), NTEC (and Variants), CR5, STAR, JG, CSG, NFAS, Obeya CR-762, OBIR, SHAW, HVR (all variants), Colby SNR, Obeya FBW.

While we understand that there are a number of other weapons in-game that are much loved by you guys, we wanted to ensure that we had an even spread to start, and felt this was the best selection we could make for an initial release.

In addition, any unique weapons (for instance the Fireball from the Challenges, or the Sitting Duck from the Joker Random-Box) will be unable to have their skins changed.

Why can't I completely customize my weapon?

The massive amount of customization in APB is a feature that makes us stand out from the crowd, but it comes at the cost. The amount of customization over the large number of players in any one district means that sending and building of customizations is one of the most resource intensive parts of the game. Full customization of weapons would increase the number of items being built per character from 2 (Vehicle + Character) to 3, an increase of 50% of customization data being sent. The increased bandwidth here would put too large a strain on the clients and servers, so is unfortunately infeasible, despite how cool it could have been. By selecting from a large selection of pre-made options, we keep a lot of the benefits of visual weapon customization while only sending a tiny amount of information across and removing any customization building.

How Do I get Weapon Skins?

Firstly we will be adding an extra level to each of the Weapon roles. Completing these will unlock a unique skin for those weapons. On top of this, some weapon skins will be available through Armas. Each faction also has a special skin that is unlocked through completing a new achievement that is triggered from completing the boss contact with that faction. This will likely mean that for players that have completed the organizations / killed a lot of players with certain weapons, a number of skins will unlock when you log into the game following the patch.

Can I see weapon skins in actions?

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