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Mardi 27 novembre 2012  
Coming next: APB version 10, "New Breed Part 3"

Now that Halloween is out of the way, it’s time to talk about ABP Reloaded v 10 (aka 1.10.0), which will appear in the next few weeks. This is New Breed Part 3, and introduces two new T5 contacts, "Birth" and "Templeton," which will be available to anyone that has completed the two boss contacts from their faction’s organisations.

Birth and Templeton bring with them a large number of goodies that players can unlock through pledging and completing missions with them. Along with a  selection of vehicles, presets and Capacity increases, they also bring a number of new modifications and weapons to the table. Let’s take a look:

New Modifications

With Birth and Templeton, we’re mainly focusing on character modifications. With a number of very useful modifications in all categories, we hope to see a much larger amount of diversity on the streets of San Paro.

    Field Supplier – Wide Radius

      This field supplier can supply teammates from a longer range at the cost of a slightly shorter deployed time. In addition all ammo suppliers will now automatically resupply any valid targets in range that are not actively firing.



An activatable character modification, this works similar to tagger but without requiring you to hit an enemy. Simply activate and paint enemy targets to show them to all teammates, even through walls.

Car Surfer

A utility character mod, this allows you to ride on the roofs of moving vehicles. Great for hitching a ride when there’s not enough seats, or when using a heavy weapon, it does however leave you heavily exposed and without the safety of the car interior to hide when you are hit.


Flak Jacket

A Health modification, this heavily reduces damage taken from explosions. This comes at the cost of your ability to dish out explosive damage however, reducing the number of grenades you have available by 1.


A Health modification, this slightly reduces health (14%, just enough that you won’t be 1-shotted by an HVR), but increases your sprint and run speed by the same amount. Perfect for fast assaults and task item carrying.


    High-Magnification Scope

      An upper-rail modification for weapons, this is functionally similar to a Hunting Sight. It also sets your weapons zoom to a very high value (4.66x normal magnification) and replaces your reticule with a Sniper crosshair at the cost of removing your non-marksmanship crosshair completely.

New Weapons

    Half-Brick / Eight-Ball

      These are new Grenades that physically hit the target for high damage, depending on how long they have been in the air. At extreme ranges, these can kill instantly, though require high skill to land hits on an aware target. The Eight-Ball flies faster, but the Half-Brick kills earlier in its flight-time. Due to the lack of noise, these can be devastating as stealth weapons, for targeting stationary campers from long range, or just for a bit of fun.


      Obeya Corps. Armory have made several modifications to their successful OBIR range in order to provide a weapon for the close-quarters urban market. With the brake removed, iron sights, a 2 round burst and a CQC stock, the Obeya Systems Carbine is much more accurate on the move, giving a burst fire alternative to the Joker Carbine.

We’re also making a number of substantial bug fixes and changes to the game. The most noticeable one is the OSMAW. We wanted to keep our Rocket Launcher feel very powerful, but be primarily useful in an anti-vehicular role, and be very counterable while on foot.  In this regard we’ve implemented a Wind-Up system for it. When firing you now need to hold the button for 1.75 seconds while the rocket is primed then fired. This stops players firing it directly after exiting a vehicle, or directly at your feet from point blank. Due to the balancing brought about by this change, we’ve been able to buff the launcher in several other areas to keep its power. It now carries three spare rockets (so can be affected by Bandolier), has a larger kill-radius, and has a faster travel time. While this may seem like a lot of improvements to an already very formidable weapon, the wind-up timer ensures that it performs most actions either the same or slower than before.

Here's a bit of maths on the subject.

Firing after leaving a vehicle
1.75 seconds
Switching to an OSMAW and firing
2 seconds
0.7+1.75=2.45 seconds
Reloading and Firing
3.5 seconds
2.25+1.75=4 seconds

Overall it takes longer to perform actions with the OSMAW, hence the improvements to projectile speed, ammo capacity and kill radius. This should make it a more effective primary weapon, and feel snappier to use, but in reality be quite easy to counter by an aware team.

Other improvements include weapon damage visually affecting vehicles, a new alternative weapon skin for players that have progressed past tier 1, changing the default pistol to the FBW, and a lot more. We’ll have full patch notes for you soon.

Next time we'll be talking about the next patch, 1.10.1, which includes a number of fundamental balance changes among other additions, and our upcoming plans for Christmas  Fun.

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Lundi 26 novembre 2012  
Patch 1.10.0

Greetings Players,

Today we will be bringing down the servers at 4pm GMT to deploy Patch 1.10.0


    New Contacts in Waterfront Birth for the Criminals and Templeton for the Enforcers.

Contact Details and Rewards


      Located in Rimbaud Rooms in Waterfront
      G-Kings contact (Criminal).


      Located in the Armory Wharf in Waterfront.
      Praetorians contact (Enforcer).

Both take players from Rank 215 to 235.

    Rewards per level (in order)

      Field Supplier - Long Range: A field supplier with a larger re-supply range for your teammates.
      Spotter: Allows you to spot a enemy player and tag them for your whole team.
      4 Slot Calabria
      Outfit Slot +1
      Clothing Inventory Space +2
      Car Surfer
      4 Slot Cosenza
      Themes Inventory Space +1
      Half-brick for criminals, 8-Ball for Enforcers: A replacement for your grenades - the further you are from your target the more damage you will do.
      Songs Inventory Space +1
      4 Slot Han Veo
      Flak Jacket [Health Modification]: Flak Jackets consist of a number of steel plates stitched into any available clothing. Designed to reduce any shrapnel and other explosive effects, this modification heavily reduces any damage from any explosive weaponry, though you do lose a bit of pocket space.
      2 slot OSCAR
      Fragile [Health/Speed Modification]: Sacrifice health for movement speed.
      Vehicles Inventory Space +1
      3 Slot Compact
      High Magnification Scope: Increases the zoom of your marksman ship and replaces the reticule with a sniper reticule. This mod will also remove your normal reticule when not in marksmanship mode.
      3 Slot Vegas
      Preset Outfit, Preset Vehicle


      Contacts now show all rewarded items
      APB now defaults to desktop resolution on first run
      Rocket Launcher Changes. Rocket launchers now have a “Wind Up” process before they can be fired. Players now have to hold down the fire button for 1.75 seconds before the gun will fire. Increased splash radius, damage and ammo capacity maintain balance.
      Re-enabled and improved in-game Video Recording (started with [;]).
      Updated the vehicle damage models so that they now take locational damage. Shots to specific parts of the vehicle will cause damage related to the area shot.


      Obeya FBW is now the default Secondary Weapon. Existing players can purchase a permanent FBW from any contact.


      Vending Machines now Auto-Resupply as do field suppliers and ammo carriers whenever you come within range.


      Devil Dog has been moved.

    Spawn Zones

      Spawns zones are no longer owned by a side meaning the system now has twice as many spawn zones to choice from when try to re-spawn a player.


      We’ve cleaned up various VFX and redundant files no longer being used by APB.


      Statues now have a shiny new bronze shader texture.

    Weapon Skins

      Levelling up the weapon contacts will earn you an alternative skin for each weapon. If you have already levelled up these contacts you should automatically have the new skins.
      The less than lethal grenade launcher is now skinable, so you can apply any skin you have unlocked to them.
      The CCG is now skinnable, so you can apply any skin you have unlocked to them. The Chrome skin unlocks at Cop 15.

    Weapon Names

      Gave the Joker Carbine pre-sets a name. They are now:

        Joker SR15 Carbine: Gunrunner
        Joker SR15 Carbine: Gunrunner EX
        Joker SR15 Carbine: Gunrunner EX-II
        Joker SR15 Carbine: Gunrunner EX-III

    Fight Club

      Reduced the required number of kills to complete the Grenade and Vehicle activities.


      Street names are now correctly show on the HUD (next to radar)



      Stuns should now be registering.


      Music is now affected by the near death state audio effects.
      Metal Display stand for the Vegas has footstep audio now.
      Enforcer Music Display no longer kills the Joker store music.
      Open world dump truck [Balkan Kolva] no longer has a police siren


      Fixed and issue that could prevent item previews displaying correctly.


      The Plain Hockey Mask that can be obtained through Devil Dog progression can now be traded.


      Adding a vehicle blocking volume to the top of the stairs at Templeton’s office.
      Beacon District : There is a section above the top right tower of the Beacon building that no longer has invisible plank collision
      Waterfront District - Javez : Players can no longer go out of bounds by raming a vehicle into the wall of the car park
      Fixed some Z-fighting issues in Financial (LeBoyce building’s roof)


      Fixed an issue that was preventing E-mails being marked as “read” after reading them.


      Removed an empty cell in the “Category” drop down list.


      Just What the Doctor Ordered no longer has debug text on the last stage.
      Fixed an issue that was preventing Notoriety 1 & 2 players being opposed.
      Mailboxes have been disabled as valid mission targets.
      Create Expectations : only one point to get in the crate area now.


      Fixed the description for “If you could sign by the X”.
      Sungnyemun Morai FormXtend Kit description typo fixed


      Diva title no longer appears for male characters


      Fixed an issue that was causing Duration times to be displayed as “0”.
      Mirri Kent no longer says she unlocks the Han Veo ES-21 "Colt" at level 3 and 6.
      No longer have “Weapons” as a sell back option on the contact UI
      JG Tactical has it’s own icons now.
      Fixed the weapon skins icon for the unlock message.

    Vehicles Parts

      The Digby Grille for the Charge Sentinel now unlocks.
      Fixed an issue where the Bullbars for the Patriot V20 “Jericho” seem to remain in position regardless of collision.

    Vehicle Spawners

      Vehicle Spawner at Angels Auto Parts & Salvage can now be used by both factions.


      Stabba TG-8 has the correct movement speed now
      The Colby M-1922 'Hazardous' is no longer set to not tradable in the Locker.
      Changing firing shoulder with female characters no longer locks the camera
      Rocket launcher no longer has a visual corruption when reloading.


      The CR5 butcher skin has been tweaked.
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Mercredi 21 novembre 2012  
A San Paro Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving time is here! While this holiday may be viewed as controversial nowadays, over the years it has also become a shop-till-you-drop and eat-till-you’re-stuffed holiday.  On more positive note, Thanksgiving also celebrates a time of thanks, and what better occasion to give thanks to our community! So starting today the Thanksgiving festivities begin and carry out through the weekend.

Base image courtesy of Salek (Colby)

Black Friday deals are coming to the Armas Marketplace early this year. 

50 % Off ALL Premium Packages

Starting today through Sunday all Premium Packages are discounted 50% off.  If you’ve never experienced the benefits of Premium Membership now’s the time.  For those of you who may not know or need a refresher, Premium Members enjoy the following benefits:

    Up to 90% Bonus XP
    125% Bonus in-game currency (APB$) earnings
    50% reduced cooldown on activated abilities
    Advanced customization abilities
    20% Discount on Armas Marketplace purchases

50 % Bonus Loyalty Reward Points 

Shop the Armas Marketplace from today through Sunday and get an additional 50% More Bonus Loyalty Reward Points towards your APB Credit Counters for every G1 Credit spent in Armas.

Thanksgiving Day Login Event

For every Character you login to the game with November 22nd - 25th (PST), you will receive an exclusive Character Title Unlock: “Pilgrim” for FREE.  It’s that simple all you need to do is log in and unlock.  Just a little something to thank you for being a supporting member of the community.

Daily Credit Counter Deals

Starting Black Friday Day through Sunday you’ll find Daily Credit Counter Deals in the Armas Marketplace.  Each day (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) a new Daily Counter Deal will have a different Joker Mystery Box available as your promotional reward. Friday- Sunday (Nov. 23rd – 25th)

Lastly, thanks go out to all the participants of the “48 Hour Turkey Gobble Contest”.  We saw some very creative ways to dress up Characters as turkeys, just like the one posted above, courtesy of Salek.  On a side note, we’ve learned to be a little more careful what we name our contests – seeing as we have a global-wide community and certain terms may have different meanings in different cultures.  For those of you who may not be aware – the unintended meaning of ‘gobble’ can be found in the Urban Dictionary.  Clearly this is an M-rated game, but unlike what some may think, we STRICTLY meant 'gobble' in that Turkey and Thanksgiving kind of sense.

So - Happy Thanksgiving San Paro!  

And don't forget more Holiday fun (and our One-Year Anniversary for our official Live Launch) is around the corner for December so be sure to stay tuned for more details about our Holiday Events! 

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Mercredi 31 octobre 2012  
Patch 1.9.2 (247)

Greetings Players,

Today we will be bringing down the servers at 4pm GMT to deploy Patch 1.9.2 (247)

Estimated downtime is 2 Hours

Here are the release notes for this patch

Bug Fixes

    Asylum District

      Fixed a missing capture volume at the rear of the Chapel.
      Fixed issues that allowed players to go out of bounds.
      Lighting rebuild for previously unlit props (wheelchairs) and other minor lighting issues.
      Added soundFX for the water pools found throughout the district.
      Fixed a black square that was showing up in the roof of the chapel
      Fixed a level of detail issue with the scaffolding at the rear of the Asylum
      Fixed an issue that was preventing players being able to fire through broken windows
      Fixed a number of gaps in the geometry of Asylum
      Fixed the floating grass around the outside of the map
      Fixed the missing collision in the archway.
      Fixed an issue that caused you to fall out of the world after walking through a door
      Fixed the collision with the shelves
      Fixed an issue that allowed players to shot through the outer walls of the district

    Financial District

      Replaced a missing vehicle spawner in Financial.


      Fixed a bug that was preventing the VIP mission from starting in the Asylum district

    Trick and Treat

      Fixed an issue that was preventing the title Trick/Treat's Homie titles not unlocking.
      Fixed an issue that was causing them to send out duplicate mails.


      Fixed an issue that was occasionally causing shaders to be compiled even though the reference shader cache is complete.


      Fixed an issue that was causing the vehicle audio to overpower the ambient music.

Thank you for your patience during this downtime.

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Dimanche 21 octobre 2012  
Trick and Treat Time Again

It’s that most wonderful time of year again. Halloween is here San Paro, and we’re bringing back a couple of familiar faces from last year.

Trick and Treat are back! These two Halloween Contacts will be chilling in the Asylum District, a place we know you’ll be visiting soon (stay tuned for the blog update shortly with all the "2-Weeks of Asylum" Details!).

Trick and Treat in the Asylum

For those of you who may not be familiar with these crazy characters, there will be four levels of Missions to complete just like last year.  Criminals and Enforcers get the same number of Missions to complete for their respective Contact.

    Level 1 – Start
    Level 2 – Unlock 4 Symbols
    Level 3 – Unlock 4 Music Themes
    Level 4 – Unlock Pumpkin Head 

This year we’ve added 2 more Levels and all new Mail Rewards:

    Level 5 – Unlock Title: “Wraith” or “Ghost
    Level 6 – Unlock A-Knife-Through-the-Head

When you go visit Trick or Treat in the Asylum district you’ll notice that it has been decorated with some spooky looking pumpkins all over the place.  One can only assume the patients residing there did not do the carving themselves; mentally unstable people and sharp objects tend to not mix.

These pumpkins aren’t just lying around for you to admire the Halloween spirit of the place.  It’s smashing pumpkins time!  (Not to be confused with the legendary rock band.) Smash these pumpkins for quick cash rewards and keep smashing them to progress a special new role.  Every Level of pumpkin smashing gets you a new Title:

    Level 1 – Unlock Title : “Pumpkin Chaser
    Level 2 – Unlock Title : “Pumpkin Murderer
    Level 3 – Unlock Title : “Pumpkin Assassin
    Final Level – Unlock Title : “Pumpkin Terminator”

The top pumpkin smasher in each world will be awarded an exclusive Title Unlock: “Pumpkin King” or “Pumpkin Queen.”  This special title for the top smashers will be given sometime after the Halloween event has ended, giving everyone to the last second to maximize their Pumpkin Kill Count.

We’re crazy about our pumpkins so we’re also bringing back the Pumpkin Head Customization Contest. In homage to Sleepy Hollow we are calling this year’s contest the, “Headless Gunman Pumkin Head Contest.”  We’re even increasing the stakes this year by improving the prizes for the winning submissions.  Use your old Pumpkin Head that you’ve kept from last year, or get one by completing Missions for Trick or Treat this year.

Costume Customization Contest

We will also be holding a Costume Customization Contest again this year, so be sure to join the “Halloween District Parade Costume Contest.” Check out the APB forums for further details on rules and prizes, and submit your entries there. On Halloween, Wednesday, Oct. 31st, San Paro Citizens are invited to dress up in their Halloween costumes and go to Social District to participate in our GM-led Halloween District Parade.  Trick out your characters and there could be some treats waiting for you.

Saving the best for last, this year we will be celebrating Halloween with “Fright Club” our introductory preview of The Asylum District!  Fright Club will replace our regular Fight Club for the duration of the Halloween event, so starting Monday (October 22nd) regular Fight Club will be unavailable. 

But have no fear. You will be able to still earn Joker Tickets during this time!  All those goodies in Joker Distribution are within reach.  And just so you know Fright Club has the following Missions set up:

    Moving Target Item
    Moving Target Item Large
    Team Death Match
    Territory Control 1 Point
    Territory Control 3 Points
    Territory Control 5 Points
    VIP Survival

You’ll get a lasting souvenir upon your first visit to The Asylum District as well! When you log into the Asylum District for the first time you will unlock a new Title – “Asylum Seeker.”

Please keep in mind that this Asylum preview is your chance to give all your initial candid feedback on Asylum as we work on completing it as a district (it's left as a fightclub only temporarily).  We are eagerly looking to hear back from all of you to see what you think.

Halloween 2012 – Let’s do this San Paro!

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Jeudi 18 octobre 2012  
Patch 1.9.1

Greetings Players!

Here are the eagerly awaited patch notes for Patch 1.9.1 - currently in the process of being deployed.

New Clothing Assets !

    Paladin Body Armour

      Gas Mask (Side Filter)

        Made from tempered, durable rubber this gas mask is guaranteed to keep your breathing air filtered for one thousand hours. It features one way glass over the eyes so only you can see the whites of their eyes but they can't see yours.

      Armored Vest

        Based on the Paladin Body Defense Armor developed by Somatic Advanced Tactical Systems, this Armored Vest is tested to destruction every single day by Enforcers throughout San Paro. Try it out and see why it’s number one.

      Arm Pads

        These graphene laced Arm Pads are the latest and greatest examples of personal protection. They provide full coverage of the upper arm whilst maintaining perfect mobility. Should prevent bruises from rifle recoil impacts.

      Armored Vest Collar

        Based off the classic Medieval gorget, this collar might be a little overkill if you plan on getting into any jousting contests any time soon but it provides full coverage of the neck and throat.

      Armored Groin Pad, Rear

        Ever since coming to San Paro this piece of armor tends to be less about protecting ones behind and more about providing advertising space. That and as a prime location for a KISS HERE sign for you to shake at your enemies.

      Armored Groin Pad, Front

        Whoever said ‘the best defence is a good offence’ never had an OSMAW Hero dive out of a moving vehicle and shoot a rocket at their junk. Wear this. You’ll thank us later.

      Armored Shoulder Pads

        Thinner than one might expect but, according to the brochure, it’s designed for mobility and protection in ‘impact rich environments’ which has got to count for something, right?

      Armored Thigh Pads

        Based off the classic Japanese haidate style, these Armored Thigh Pads provide good coverage whilst maintaining mobility.

    Impact Armour

      Crash Helmet

        This crash helmet comes with a beaked visor, air filter and goggles. It’s chunky, heavy duty but still light and breathable. Exactly what you need when you’re sprinting towards the enemy and don’t want sweat getting in your eyes before you line up that perfect shot.

      Impact Vest

        Initially designed to defend the body from blunt-force-trauma, this once athletics grade body armor has seen a string of upgrades bringing it to near military specifications. It’ll stop a bullet or a grenade blast as well as anything else on the market.

      Impact Thigh Pads

        With plenty of impact soaking potential these thigh pads have pretty much everything the budding Criminal needs to take on the world. Quick release buckles, nylon straps, Kevlar plates! No pockets though… can’t win ‘em all I guess.

      Impact Shin Pads

        Ever notice nobody in this city opens doors with their hands? The old ‘feet-first meet-and-greet’? When your shin armor looks this good who can blame you for wanting them to be the first thing people see of you?

      Impact Forearm Pads

        These forearm pads are tough, sturdy and ready for action. They’re held around the arm with elasticized straps for comfort and security because who needs to worry about armor falling off when you’re doing a drive-by?

      Impact Arm Pads

        High impact Kevlar threads have been woven through these 1000cc grade bike armor pads. They’ll keep your arms and shoulders protected regardless if you’re flyin’ through the air because you just went off a ramp at full speed or because you just took a 'nade to the feet.

New & Updated Vehicle Kits + New Enforcer Flash Patterns !

    New Kit: Patriot V20 Pursuit Special

      A top of the range V20 Jericho with a custom Pursuit Special bodykit, it has a chassis capable of being fitted with up to 4 custom Modifications.

    Updated kits

      Jericho vehicle kits 1 & 2 have been tweaked and updated with new parts. If you already own these you'll get the updates for free.

    Lights - Flash Patterns

      New flash patterns have been added for the Enforcer Jericho. This allows users to select a flash pattern for their police lights. Coming soon for other vehicles.

    Patriot V20 Nightrider 4A

      A top of the range V20 Jericho with a custom Nightrider bodykit, it has a chassis capable of being fitted with up to 4 custom Modifications.
New Weapon !

    ATAC 424: The Agrotech Tactical Assault Carbine has a revolutionary gas powered feeding-and-firing mechanism with a liquid suspended chamber that absorbs impact to keep your aim level. Its highly modular design allows huge expandability to extend its killing potential. This gun’s great at medium to long range and puts Agrotech back at the forefront of high tech weapon design.

    There are a total of 108 variations of this weapon with the different skins and parts.

    There are also the following pre-set versions which are visually distinct based upon their inherent modifications :

      ATAC 424 “Bodyguard” (Modifications: Mobility Sling, Magazine Pull III)
      ATAC 424 “Mercenary” (Modifications: Hunting Sight III & Extended Magazine III)
      ATAC 424 “Watchman” (Modifications: Silencer, Hunting sight III, Cooling Jacket III)

New Graphic shaders !

    Latest post processing tweaks to improve the overall visual quality of APB.
    For more information please see: Forums
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Samedi 13 octobre 2012  
Urban Warfare Escalates

It wasn’t too long ago, but those early riots seem like a walk in the park compared to life on the streets of San Paro nowadays. Take but a few steps down the sidewalk and you can feel bullet shells roll underneath the soles of your shoes. More shells collect around storm drains and all along the curbsides. You’re moving too fast to even notice anymore. No time to stop and smell the tear gas.

Block after block smoke rises and dims the sky. Be it from fire, gas, napalm – who knows. No time to make out who that silhouette is at the other end of a cloudy alleyway. Secure your helmet and strap that bulletproof vest on tight.

Everyone is trying to represent Criminals or represent Enforcers in their own unique way.  But in the end everyone is the same; everyone is raging on the inside thinking about the loss of friends and family to the cause. No need to show off those tattoos, scars, or war paint to let the world know which side you're on.  Now is the time to cover every last bit of exposed skin you have and make sure you survive.


Next week a whole new set of Combat Gear is coming to the Armas Marketplace.  Urban Warfare escalates and it’s time to armor up. 

Enforcers can get the Armored Urban Warfare Pack and Criminals can get the Impact Urban Warfare Pack. Both packs will contain the brand new set of heavier Combat Gear, the never before released 4 Slot Performance Vehicles, and a FREE never before released ATAC 424 mid-to-close range Assault Riffle.  We will also have the Combat Gear sold separately also with a FREE ATAC 424. Here is the breakdown of the NEW Urban Warfare Packs and Bonus Packs coming out next week:

    Armored Urban Warfare Pack

      Combat Gear: Armored
      V20 Patriot Pursuit Special (4 Slot Performance Vehicle)
      FREE – ATAC 424 (Mid-to-Close Range Assault Rifle)

    Impact Urban Warfare Pack

      Combat Gear: Impact
      V20 Nightrider (4 Slot Performance Vehicle
      FREE – ATAC 424 (Mid-to-Close Range Assault Rifle)

    Armored Bonus Pack

      Combat Gear: Armored
      FREE – ATAC 424 (Mid-to-Close Range Assault Rifle)

    Impact Bonus Pack

      Combat Gear: Impact
      FREE – ATAC 424 (Mid-to-Close Range Assault Rifle))

Players can also have a chance to win these soon to be released packs for free by participating in our “Heavy Metal Fighters” in-game event starting TODAY until Tuesday (Oct. 16th, 12 PM PDT):

Complete as many opposed missions as possible from now until Tuesday at Noon.  The top 500 players with the most opposed missions completed will be entered into a random drawing to win.  10 Winners will get their choice of either new Urban Warfare Pack (depending upon whether they want Enforcer or Criminal), and 10 Winners will get their choice of either new Bonus Pack (Enforcer or Criminal). (For further details visit our APB Forums)

We’ll have more screen shots and images of the new Gear and the ATAC later, but for now here are some concept art and screen images of the new Vehicles and kits.

(Please note that players who have previously purchased the Performance Kits will be sent a free update for the new kits, shortly after we have updated the current Performance Kits on Armas.)

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Armored and Impact Urban Warfare Packs coming out next week and join us for the Heavy Metal Fighters event. 

Armor up San Paro.  Armor up.

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Mercredi 10 octobre 2012  
Patch 1.9.0 (237)

Greetings Players,

We will be bringing down the servers shortly to apply Patch 1.9.0 (237)

Here are the changes:


      Background system optimizations
      Updated the DirectX run-time.
      Player vehicle physics performance optimization

Estimated downtime is 1-2 hours.

We thank you for your patience.

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Jeudi 20 septembre 2012  
Patch 1.9.0 (231)


We're patching the game. It's a pretty minor update at the moment


      Added an Open slot to the Reaper.


      Miscellaneous background optimizations.

    Bug Fix

      Video options

        Fixed an issue that was resetting users video options when patching.

      Client Crash

        Fixed a client crash that could occur on district switching.

      Server GPF

        Fixed a server GPF that was found on OTW and also have affected LIVE.


        Fixed an issue that was causing some of the mission text translations to overlap (Italian in German for example)

      Kill Icons

        Fixed the N-TEC 5DVAH's kill icon to use the correct weapon silhouette.


        Fixing 'Master Patrolman' appearing as a title for Criminals.

We hope to have more information about 1.10 soon.

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Vendredi 24 août 2012  
Patch 1.9.0 (227)


We're going to be deploying a patch a little later today. Expected downtime will be under 2 hours.

Release Notes – 1.9.0 (227)

    Fixed non-tradable items not being greyed out in the Marketplace UI.
    Fixed a rare crash related to titles.
    Fixed some localisation errors in mission text.
    Fixed preset vehicles sometimes having the ‘customisable’ cog beside them in the Garage UI.
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Lundi 20 août 2012  
Patch 1.9.0 (225)


We're going to deploy this patch on Monday 20th August at 3 PM BST. Maintenance is expected to last 2 hours.

Patch notes

    Fixed an issue where items bought off ARMAS were tradable.
    Fixed an issue where 'Cop' title was showing incorrect unlock level
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Mardi 14 août 2012  
Patch 1.9.0 (224)

We're going to deploy this patch on Wednesday 15th August at 10am BST. Maintenance is expected to last 3 hours.

Patch notes are:


    Male and Female Cat Ears added to ARMAS. Meow!


    Recreated magazine for all variants of the OCA.
    Fixed a few mapping errors in the process and standardized a few areas of geometry.
    Improved the Rocket Launcher to create a visual separation on the scope housing, as some textures such as the UK flag looked pretty terrible when they met at this point.
    Updated LTL Icons to include Orange Tint. This opens the way for custom skins on LTL weapons, as the Icon will be primary indicator of weapon's ammo type.

Bug Fixes


      Financial District

        Removed access to a roof in North Havalynd.
        Prevented access to a roof in The Needles - Art Center.
        Fixed a texture issue with the scaffolding in Merchant Park.
        Fixed a lighting issue with the parasols in The Needles - Canalside.
        Fixed a lighting issue in the car park below the Praetorian Recruitment building.

      Waterfront District

        Fixed the lighting at the water cleaning plant.
        Prevented access to a roof in Sanford - San Paro Petroleum.
        Fixed a "Office & Retail Space" banner that flickered at low LOD.


      Fixed the issue that caused the Activity timer to get stuck


      Painting the Advert board on a Broadwing no longer colors the entire roof.
      Increased the brightness of interior emissive textures in order to reduce artifacts.
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Lundi 13 août 2012  
In the Spirit of Scots and Schoolgirls

Now that 1.9.0 (New Breed Part 2) has made its debut to San Paro, we can take a brief moment to share some of the things going on behind the scenes leading up to the big launch.  We have a few stories of travel and adventure to share first, and then we’ll get into the title of this blog post.

About 2 weeks prior to 1.9.0 launch, some members of our US Team (including myself), went to visit out UK Team. For many of us this was our first time visiting Scotland.  For those of you who are not familiar, our Reloaded Studio is located in Edinburgh, Scotland - a very beautiful European city rich in its history and culture. Our office is located right in the heart of Edinburgh within walking distance to many historical and famous attractions such as the Scot Monument, Edinburgh Castle, and the National Gallery.  Not quite the birthplace you’d imagine for the chaotic world of APB Reloaded.

Let me paint a picture of some of the stark differences between a city like Edinburgh and a city like San Paro.  One city has cobblestone-streets lined with quaint cafes, brownstone buildings, and red double-decker buses passing through.  The other city has asphalt roads lined with looted electronic stores, neon-flashing billboards, and sidewalks littered with pedestrian corpses throughout.  One city was founded before the 7th Century AD – antiquated and European.  The other was founded in the New Millennium- modernistic and Californian-inspired. 

Our journey to Edinburgh did not come without a few hiccups. I’ll start off with the security line at LAX airport.  One of the guys traveling with us forgot about a USB at the bottom of their bag.  This was no ordinary USB, it was a special USB we made specifically for marketing APB Reloaded… and it was in the shape of a bullet!  Needless to say we had to wait for our lucky travel buddy to pass security after some scrutiny. 

Outside of some rain the first day we were there, the rest of the trip was pretty smooth. In a nutshell – lots of meetings, lots of cross training, lots of lunches, plenty of haggis, blood pudding, and whisky.  Not to mention some of the best scones I’ve ever had.  

For one full week the Reloaded team was under one roof in one singular spot on the globe.  Not only did we get the opportunity to spend time with each other in person (versus video conference), we were able to have more in-depth discussions going about our plans for the future and how to move forward with those plans. Included in those plans were the new sets of Gear we had thought about right around the time we launched the Combat Gear and Tactical Gear Packs & Bundles.  Enter scene – Schoolgirl and Highlander Packs!  We are excited to announce that these new additions to the Armas Marketplace will be available this week or next.

What might have inspired this particular combination you might wonder?  Well, the connection to the Highlander Packs and Scotland Weapon Skin I’m hoping is apparent.  Plus if female characters are going to get skirts shouldn’t the male characters get something similar?  So there you have it – Highlander (Enforcer) and Goth Highlander (Criminal) Packs. Both packs include the Scotland Weapon Skin (a.k.a. Saltire Flag Weapon Skin).  One little fun factoid –the kilt included in the Enforcer Highlander Pack was inspired by our Lead Designer’s family tartan.  That’s right – now you can pay homage to Qwentle and family in game!

As for the inspiration for the Schoolgirl outfits, some of you may remember our live-action trailer.  Although, this concept for the Schoolgirl outfits was something the community has wanted for a while perhaps the trailer reminded everyone.  On a side note, one of our artists was inspired by…well… the desire to see female characters in little skirts.  I’m not naming names, however, the in game description specifically for the Schoolgirl Skirt hints that there was some ulterior motives when this pack was conceived.  The in game description says:

    “A schoolgirl skirt. 100% cotton and schoolgirl cut. Someone ‘accidentally’ moved a zero from the length to order number category when ordering skirts for San Paro High. This is the result.”

Guess who that “someone” might be? Finally, the fun factoid for the Otome Neko Weapon Skin – this was inspired by one of our very own APB Community members.  Now player-made content has made it into the game and into Armas.  We are pleased to have such a creative player community!

So as I mentioned keep your eyes peeled for these tantalizing editions to the Armas Marketplace we will be releasing this week or next.  You too can soon celebrate APB Reloaded in the spirit of Scots and Schoolgirls. 

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Mercredi 1 août 2012  
Patch 1.9.0 (221)

Here are the patch notes:

Vehicle Work

Tweaked the handling of the Nulander Kurai. This vehicle is now significantly more steerable - though still requires hand-brake for hard manoeuvres. It's also far more likely to right itself when it falls over.

    Increased Suspension Travel Speed for all wheels from 50 to 75 cm/s.
    Decreased Grip on Rear Tires from 2.02 to 1.93.
    Increased Grip on Rear Tires during Hand Brake from 1.1 to 1.4.
    Increased Gear Ratio in Reverse Gear from 2.6 to 5.
    Increased Gear Ratio in First Gear from 3.5 to 5.5.
    Increased Torque at 500RPM from 3 to 7 .
    Increased Torque at 4500RPM from 5 to 6 .
    Increased Torque at 7000PRM from 3 to 4.
    Slightly Stiffened Suspension, Increasing Damping from 1 to 1.15.
    Increased Brake Torque from 520 to 850.
    Increased Steering Angle at 22 m/s from 10 to 13.
    Moved Centre of Mass forward and down slightly.
    Increased Maximum Speed from 21 to 21.75 m/s.

Bug Fixes


      Fixed an issue that caused the baggy jeans to shrink from the knee down if they were worn with a bullet proof vest.
      Fixed an issue that was preventing the Devil Dog Tactical Vest appearing in-game.


      Fixed the icon for the Scoped N-TEC RT1.
      Adjusting 'StunX players' to 'Stun X players'.
      Fixed the 'Diva' title.


      Removing Radio emitter from Devil Dog’s non-existent laptop at the Nuts n Bolts Factory.


      Fixed the issue in the San Paro Central Station in Financial that allowed players to escape the world.
      Fixed an exploit in Hope Mall that allowed players to get behind a wall.
      Fixed the Fence around “The Washes” in the Waterfront district.
      Fixed the mail box in Social district that was causing players to become dislodged from reality…
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Vendredi 27 juillet 2012  
APB Reloaded 1.9.0 Now Live! Big Bonus Offers and Free Premiums

Every 4 years countries around the world send their athletic elite to compete in their honor.  Every 7 years one can view a full Solar Eclipse from the same spot on earth.  Every 13 years cicadas come swarming from the sky to inhabit the US Eastern Coast.  But only once in an entire lifetime does New Breed Part 2 go LIVE. That’s right APB Reloaded version 1.9.0 is live!

We’ve started the celebration early by offering a limited-time pre-launch promotion – the 20% G1C Rebate Promotion!  Players will get 20% of the G1 Credits they spend in the Armas Marketplace back on their accounts shortly after the promotion ends.  We’ll be counting all G1 Credits spent in the Armas Marketplace starting from yesterday until July 31st, 11:50 PM PDT

That’s not all!  We are celebrating the release of New Breed Part 2 by sending all players a FREE gift of 1 Day Premium and 400 Joker Tickets.  All players have to do is go to the Redeem Code page in Armas and click on the promo code link.  But everyone should hurry to redeem their codes because they will expire at the end of the month - July 31st, 11:50 PM PDT!

As Qwentle had mention in one of our earlier 1.9.0 preview blog post that one of the big new features New Breed Part 2 was bringing was the Joker Distribution in Social District.  After everyone’s redeemed their promo codes and have their Joker Tickets in hand – go to Social and say hello to our new NPCs - Ophelia and Wilde!  They’ll have some fun stuff for you to buy with your Joker Tickets – including Titles and Armas Items.  You’ll also dig the new tunes playing inside Joker Distribution and be sure to check out the crowning glory of all Joker Ticket prizes!

Onto the next brand new feature – Activities!  This feature we are introducing first with Fight Club where players can complete smaller tasks while in a Fight Club Mission and get additional rewards.  Those smaller tasks could be things like “Get X amount of Assists” or “Kill X amount of enemies with your side arm.”  There are 3 tiers of Activities: Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Each tier becomes increasingly challenging but also increasingly rewarding.

Attaining a Bronze or Silver rank will immediately reward you on the spot, but attaining a Gold rank will win you a significantly larger reward at the end of the week.   Activities can also be skipped if there is another Activity available that you want to go for instead.

Please advise,  Activities will be available in game as of Monday (7/30/12), in order to follow our regular Fight Club Challenge Rewards cycle.  Although we are introducing the new Activities system with Fight Club, our hope is to add them to general Missions as well.  So while we are testing out the waters with Fight Club Activities we’d love to hear from all of you to see what you like and what you don’t like about this new feature.  We want your feedback!

Finally, while you are taking a gander through Joker Distribution in Social, completing new Activities, or customizing your new Character Titles (there are some fun Titles our team took creative liberties with – you’ll see…), take advantage of a few other promotions and events we have going on to top off the New Breed Part 2 celebration:

    Double Premium Discount Weekend

      That’s right it is back!  From Friday through Sunday, (7/27/12 -7/29/12), Premium members will get 40% off all Armas purchases (double their regular 20% discount).

    Joker Mystery Box 2 BOGO Sale

      From Friday through Sunday, (7/27/12 -7/29/12), buy one get one FREE – Joker Mystery Box 2.  This Box will only be available for a limited remaining time on Armas after this promotion ends so stock up while you can.  Delivery of the bonus Joker Mystery Box 2s will be completed shortly after the promotion end date.

    San Paro Triathalon

      Enter this video and screenshot forum contest for your chance to win some cool Armas Kits, Packs and Premium Days.  Check out our Forums for further details!

That about sums it up for all the goodies New Breed Part 2 has to offer for right now, but stay tuned as we have some other events, promotions, and new products in store for later…

Cheers to 1.9.0!

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Vendredi 27 juillet 2012  
Patch 1.9.0 Release Notes

New! Joker Distribution Centre Opens in Breakwater Marina!

    Joker Distribution has opened a branch in the social district and employed Ophelia and Wilde as representatives. Bring the Joker tokens you earn in Fight Club to them and exchange them for cool new weapons, clothing and vehicles - some of which you can see on display throughout the store. Will you be the first to unlock the ridiculously opulent Crown Imperial?!

New Feature - Activities!

    New to Fight Club are Activities: Activities will require you to perform small tasks whilst on a Fight Club mission. An example would be "Kill 3 enemy players with your sidearm" or "Obtain 3 assists".
    There are 3 tiers of Activities: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each tier will increase the challenge of the activity but will net you a greater reward as you go. Attaining a Bronze or Silver rank will reward you on the spot, however attaining a gold rank will net you a significantly larger reward at the end of the week. Individual activities can be skipped every 6 minutes and you will receive a different activity to perform, for those of you who would rather not obtain 3 assists for example.
    We are introducing this to Fight Club to begin with, with hopes of introducing it to the action districts and general missions as well, we are using Fight Club as a testing ground to study how successful the activity system is. Please do not hesitate to provide us with feedback on the new system.

New Feature - Titles!

    These appear below your player name on the HUD and can be seen by other players. You can change your title via the Character Info or Character Inventory screens. You unlock more through completing in-game achievements and roles, ranking up, or purchasing them with Joker Tickets from Ophelia in Breakwater Marina. By default your title is your rank name, but various others are available. You can even choose no title, or, if you are in a Clan and are a Premium member, the name of your Clan.

Other Feature Changes!

    Added Camera tilt. Your camera will now tilt in accordance with the direction you are leaning.
    Added an option to disable mouse smoothing.
    Re-Adding High-Heels now a major issue with them is now fixed. These have been added to the Joker Distribution Centre and will be on Armas in the future.
    Teammate stuns will now award friendly Stun Demerits when in a mission and trigger the team kill kick system in Fight Club.
    Adding a few non-unlockable Vaquero parts to be gifted to all players with a Vaquero.
    Added an animated background for the death screen.
    Added a new background for the district spawn selection screen.
    Changed several display points in Social to be usable by both factions. This includes the areas outside Rendez-vous and the new Joker Distribution store.
    Added a new splash screen for 1.9.0.
    Devil Dog has a new perch...

Mission and Weapon Changes!

    Disabled missions that use trucks as they are very unpopular.
    OSMAW and the PMG now have skins available for player selection and use.
    Levels 1, 7, 12 and 16 of Pointman and Rifleman unlock Solid Stock variants of the OCA/JG and NTEC respectively.
    Increasing the Sprint Delay from 0.25 to 0.45 seconds. This means you will be unable to sprint for approximately half a second after firing your weapon.
    The Joker RFP-9 now has increased accuracy loss when sprinting. This means you'll need about half a second after sprinting to fire accurately.
    Increased the aiming walk speed of the STAR-556 'LCR' significantly.

Bug Fixes


      Fixed an issue were assists were not always given. Assists are now awarded to all players that dealt damage to the player that died - though only the player that did the most damage other than the killer will show on the assist HUD.


      Checkpoint volumes are now correctly cleaned up when a mission ends.


      Fixed an exploit which allowed players to fire faster than intended.
      Fixed a roof next to a Ga5 station in Financial that players could use to exploit task items.


      "Kind of a Big Deal" should now unlock correctly.


      Fixed issues with the final stage of the Criminal mission "Antisocial Networking".
      Fixing mission 'Bookie on the Run' so criminals can interact with task items spawned by the Investigation on Stage 4. This also shortens the Investigate time of stage 7 in 'Top Cop Chop-Shop Shock'.


      PhysX initialisation failures will now display message boxes and close the game gracefully instead of crashing.


      Players will now drop a carried task item when they deploy a field supplier. This will also mean their deployed weapon will update correctly when it is changed.
      Players will no longer be penalized with a "Team Kill" if they shot a vehicle that has Brick/Meteor activated before it kills a player. Now, when a vehicle explodes while the Brick/Meteor mod is active, the resulting kills will be attributed to the last person to drive the vehicle.


      Reworked height adjustment in the persona editor. This will standardize the position of decals and controls, but when re-sizing a character in the Persona Editor they will stretch from the middle rather than from the legs.

      PLEASE NOTE: This may cause some decals/tattoos to now be miss-aligned. Unfortunately this is a side effect of us resolving this issue. Our apologies if this issue affects you.

    Task Items

      Increased Task Interaction distance for Task Items. This fixes an issue where players could park vehicles / ram props over task items in order to stop them being intractable.

    Crash Fixes

      Fixed various client crashes.


      Moved the checkpoint on the Balcony, across the road from the Casino in the Financial district, as it was very difficult to get heavy task items to it.


      Fixed an issue that was preventing the text highlights working in the Ceremony messages.
      Implemented the correct lighting setup for the inspect UI.
      Vendors should properly hide assets that are not for the player’s gender. If they are shown for any other reason, it should at least show that you cannot equip it because you are of the wrong gender.
      Adding Prentiss Tiger's skin to list of available NTEC Skins.
      Fixed and issue that would occasionally show a HUD marker, for a player carrying a task item, in the wrong location.
      Removing Simon Tran and Pagan Bloodrose from Waterfront contacts list.

    Music Studio

      If highlighted by the mouse pointer the keyboard sections scrolls independently of the track section, causing them to be misaligned. This is no longer the case.


      Removal of a broken audio emitter from Financial that was playing club music in a residential area.
      Fixing audio on the Pioneer 'Inside-Out'.
      The SoundFX for Nitro is now (finally) working again!


      Financial District

        Tweaks to TipToe’s area to prevent players exploiting the roofs. Changed the checkpoints on the upper floor of the car park so that they are no longer vehicle drop-off points.
        The back of the Praetorian sign on the offices of Le Boyce has been fixed.
        Lighting fixes for the doors in block across the street from Le Boyce.
        Fixed the ramp in front of the car park that previously had a hole in it.
        Fixed the bullet collision with the Information desk in the Subway entrance.
        Fixed the lighting issues around Le Boyce's office area.
        Fixed various areas in Financial that previously allowed players to escape from the world.
        Vehicle spawner put back in The Needles after being accidentally removed in the previous patch.

      Social District

        Players are no longer able to jump out of bounds in the Social district.

      Waterfront District

        Adding blocking volumes to Waterfront and removed a mission prop that was both hard to capture and provided access to an undesirable area.
        Lighting fixes for an area behind the Medical College that was not being lit correctly.
        Door fixed at the back of the Medical College so that it is the correct way around on both sides.
        Fixed an exploit that allowed players to warp inside a sewer pipe.
        Fixed the lighting of props and doors around a warehouse in Waterfront.
        Fixed an issue with the visibility of an out of bounds area in the south west section of Waterfront.
        Fixed an issue that allowed players to shoot through a wall at the dock in Waterfront.
        Fixed various areas in Waterfront that previously allowed players to escape from the world.
        Adjusting blocking volume around fence near Britney Bloodrose to prevent access to a balcony.
        Moved some of the checkpoints near the Villanueva, to make them more accessible.
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Samedi 30 juin 2012  
Account Wide Permanent Weapon Conversions in Progress, New Pricing Tiers

Around 12:00 midnight PST (about 08:00 GMT) the team started the conversion progress. We expect the full conversion process for people that held permanent weapons prior to June 28 to take up to 24 hours, so if you are expecting a converted gun, please be mindful that there is some delay, and it also means it may not show up in your account until June 29.

New Account-Wide Permanent Weapons (AW-PW) vs Character-Bound Permanent Weapons (CB-PW)

The new account-bound weapons are available for purchase right away from the Armas Marketplace (go check them out). Going forward the price difference between Character Bound Permanent Weapons and Account Wide Permanent Weapons is around 20% (give or take a tad based on exactly which weapon it is).

In other words; if you have an active premium membership, an Account Wide Perma Weapon will cost you the same as it would have cost a non-premium player to buy a Character Bound Perma Weapon

AW-PW Pricing Tiers

The pricing is now in three simple tiers; 1799 / 2899 / 3999 credits based on the gun, with an additional  20% discount for active Premium players, PLUS any potential future additional discounts and time based sales that our Designers and Producers may engage in for certain events.

That's a pretty decent value for money, given that in theory you can have up to 100 characters on one account (!). Not sure you'd want that many, but IF you did, you would also have yourself 100 permanent guns if you made one AW-PW purchase...

This means the lowest priced Account Wide Permanent (non-sale or "MSRP") at 1799 G1 credits gets you for example an NTEC PR-1. On the high-end, the most expensive Account-Wide Perma Guns (for example the pair of OCA-626 guns) will run 3999 G1 credits.

Translating those prices to "Real World Currencies"

For those not familiar with G1 Credits, this means...

    NTEC-PR1 AW-PW will cost $22.49 USD / 17.99 EUR / 14.50 GBP if you are a non-Premium player, and $17.49 / 13.99 EUR / 11.25 GBP as an active Premium player.
    OCA-626 AW-PW models will cost $49.99 USD / 39.99 EUR / 32.75 GBP as a non-Premium player, and $39.99 / 31.99 EUR / 25.75 GBP as an active Premium player.

Hopefully the above explains the new (and terribly simplified) CB-PW and AW-PW pricing schemes that are in effect as of right now.

Remember to "Try Before You Buy"

We always encourage you to first take advantage of the free trial-periods to try out all the guns in the game before you spring for any purchases. This way you can decide for yourself if any of the Armas guns are to your liking, or if in fact you like one of the non-Armas guns instead.

And yes, our games are free2play, and you WILL be competitive without buying these guns, though the style of gun (each with its own specialization) will truly allow you to pick a completely different playing style.

As we have pointed out many times before (and as is supported by those who actually play APB, and not just read about it), these guns are not OP, they are simply specializations catering to specific play styles. And yes - if you want a gun that fits your exact play style (think of it as an Armani suit, tailored to your specifications), you will in some cases have to pay for it. And of course, when you do, you also join thousands of other gamers in showing your direct support for the Development Team, as it continues on the very long and ardouous quest to create a bigger, better and more optimized APB...

That kind of support is greatly appreciated by the whole team. For example, last week we were able to hire a fantastic new UI and UX artist to tackle the conversion to Scaleform, and all those things that will make navigating the UI better, more intuitive and more efficient. That kind of improvement was directly funded by the ongoing support from gamers like yourself!

Thanks all, and see you in San Paro!


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Samedi 23 juin 2012  
New Breed Part 2 - 1.9.0 Preview

(Post by Qwentle, Lead Designer of APB)

Hot off the 1.8.0. release and Weapon Skin improvements, we wanted to get back to the New Breed series of patches.

Next up, APB version 1.9.0 where we'll introduce Ophelia and Wilde, our resident Joker Distribution representatives. Situated in what was previously the Star Screen Cinema complex in Social, Ophelia and Wilde stock weapons, vehicles, clothing, car kits, titles and other goodies that players can purchase through the use of a new type of "award/currency" called Joker Tickets.

With the first release of 1.9.0 you will be able to start earning Joker Tickets when you win Fight Club challenges. Over time we will also start adding Joker Ticket Awards to Mission Districts as well.

When you win a Fight Club challenge, you will receive a stack of Joker Tickets giving you access to  exclusive items from our new contacts. While some of these will be short-cuts to in-game rewards or items unique to Joker Distribution, we will also be allowing players to use these tickets to access items previously only accessible through Armas. Items available through this system include several Car Kits, Clothing Assets, Vehicles, and a number of previously Armas-only weapons. This gives players a path to earn some of these exclusive items purely from in-game activities.

Oh, I also mentioned Titles up there. As part of 1.9.0. we will add the ability to show a preferred title as part of your name, for that extra little bit of customisation. By default this is your rank, but you can choose from a number of options based on how you've progressed through the game, what achievements you have unlocked, and various other activities. This is a totally opt-in activity however, and it's something you can choose to disable if it's something you'd not like to broadcast yourself, or see on others.

There are also various optimization and security enhancements planned for 1.9 (and later versions) as we continue working toward improving the game in all areas.


A note from Tech Mech: 

Sometime in the "near-ish" future we are going to start sharing info on some REALLY BIG items being worked on by our "special" internal teams. Most of these items are still a long ways out before they are even remotely complete, but we hope to start talking about our long-term plans publicly sometime in the near future.

Some of these new things may blow your mind when we can finally share more info... but until them - have fun in 1.8, and we are all looking forward to seeing you in 1.9 when we release this version sometime in mid-July.


Crazy Vegas Weekend!

It all began with a fun little event called the 1.8.0 Challenge.  At the end of it 10 lucky winners per world server were awarded the never before released Vegas G24 (4-Slot customizable vehicle) and the Vegas Hot Rod Kit.

Those 50 players were hailed the exclusive owners of the Vegas G24 and Hot Rod Kit with bragging rights included...until now!

Today we have launched three new products in the Armas Marketplace:

Vegas Uber Bundle

Spring Sale Price: 3119 G1C
Premium Price: 2495 G1C

    Vegas Uber Bundle includes

      NEW! Patriot Vegas G24 (4 Slot Customizable)
      NEW! Vegas Hot Rod Kit
      Vegas G20 Mercury Kit
      Vegas G20 Rugido Kit
      Vegas G20 Wheel Kit

Vegas Kit MEGA Pack

Spring Sale Price: 1949 G1C
Premium Price: 1559 G1C

    Vegas Kit MEGA Pack includes

      NEW! Vegas Hot Rod Kit
      Vegas G20 Mercury Kit
      Vegas G20 Rugido Kit
      Vegas G20 Wheel Kit

Hot Rod Kit

Spring Sale Price: 969 G1C
Premium Price: 775 G1C

    Vegas Hot Rod Kit includes

      Vegas Hot Rod Spoiler
      Vegas Continental Spoiler
      Vegas Hot Rod Rolling Cage
      Vegas Hot Rod Skirts
      Vegas Hot Rod Hood
      Vegas Hot Rod Rear Bumper
      Vegas Hot Rod Taillights
      Vegas Hot Rod WingMirrors
      Vegas Hot Rod Headlights
      Vegas Hot Rod Front Bumper



In celebration of this NEW edition to the Vehicles family - check out the “Let It Ride” Vegas Customization Contest for your chance to show off your customization skills, win Power Joker Boxes, and have your talent displayed in full glory in the Armas Marketplace!

Contest Rules Prizes:

    10 Talented Winners will be selected for their customization skills!
    All Winners will get 3 of each Joker Mystery Box (1, 2 and 3) - Total of 9 Boxes
    If any of the winners incorporate at least 3 components of the new Hot Rod Kit in their design, they will have their Joker Mystery Boxes upgraded to the Joker Power Boxes instead of the regular Joker Mystery Boxes.
    In addition to the upgrade in boxes, those winners will have some of their screenshots published in our Armas Marketplace.
    Screenshots must be taken in the car customization window, UNALTERED - no use of Photoshop or graphics software permitted.
    All submissions must include 4 total screenshots taken from different angles that best showcase their design work.
    Please include your Character name and Server to your submission.
    Submissions must be entered within the contest period 6/22/12 - 7/1/12 11:59 UTC
    Winner will be selected, announced and awarded within a week after contest end date.

Post your submission for the contest HERE

Examples of how your 4 screenshots should look when you submit:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Example of how the winners screens will look in Armas:

Posted Image

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Mercredi 20 juin 2012  
Account Wide Permanent Weapons to launch June 28

On June 28 we plan on launching the long anticipated Account-Wide Permanent Weapons feature.

It has taken quite a bit of back-end re-engineering to support this feature, but from a player perspective it makes total sense, and this feature makes your account as a whole more valuable, and also brings more purpose and meaning to having additional character slots now that all your slots will be able to equip the same permanent gun you have purchased.

At the launch of this feature we will convert ALL CURRENT PERMANENT WEAPONS held in your account to the account-wide version of the same gun.

Therefore ANY permanent weapons you purchase between today and June 28 (at the current lower prices) will become account-wide on the day of conversion (at the ‘single permanent gun’ price).

AFTER the conversion, going forward players will have the option of buying ‘single character permanent weapons’ (at a lower price) and more expensive ‘account wide permanent weapons’ (the latter of course given to ALL your characters in an account).

Now, there are people that have purchased two of the same permanent gun for two different characters on their current account. For those players we will refund the G1 credits used for the second gun +20% bonus credits that were part of that second purchase.

In most cases though it appears people have purchased different permanent guns for their multiple characters, and for those players the change will just means that ALL their account-wide characters can now access all the guns.

We will send out more details before the change-over takes place, especially while we are performing our last minute sanity checks over the course of the next 8 days to make sure the change will not cause any other issues along the way.



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Vendredi 25 mai 2012  
Patch 1.8.0 (210)

The servers will be coming down within the next 30 minutes 12:30AM - 1pm BST for 2-3 hours.

This is to deploy Patch 1.8.0 (210) to address various issues introduced in yesterdays main 1.8.0 patch.

Here is the list of fixes.

    Sitting Duck no longer invisible.
    3 Point-Graffiti mission's UI has been fixed.
    CSG Hard-Damage has been raised slightly.
    Fixed Machine Gunner & Pointman roles auto-advancing to 16, for anyone at level 15 of the respect roles.

Top tier not unlocking relevant weapon skins is still under investigation, we apologize for this issue.

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Mercredi 23 mai 2012  
Patch 1.8.0 Release Notes

Greetings Players!

Tomorrow the servers will come down at 10 AM BST to deploy patch 1.8.0, the estimated downtime is 6+ hours, however the downtime may run longer if unexpected issues occur.

Here are the patch notes for tomorrow!


    Weapon Skins: We've added a variety of weapon skins for a number of primary and secondary weapons in the game. You'll be able to get some of these by: advancing certain weapon roles to level 16; unlocking one of the four new achievements for maxing out a head contact; or through purchase on the ARMAS store. If you open your inventory screen and highlight a skin, you'll be able to see the various skin choices available and how to unlock them.
    Now possible to grab task items while you are jumping!
    Multi single point capture: Multiple players can now capture a point at the same time - the more players in the point the faster they will capture it.
    Neutral Graffiti Points: have been added so that contestable graffiti targets don't start with one side already holding them. This will eliminate the issue where one faction had to capture more spray points than the other faction.(Two known minor UI issues with this feature - will be fixed shortly as we did not want to delay the patch)
    Implemented a neutral colour state for the checkpoints. Missions targets that don't belong to either side will be grey
    Spawn System: We've tweaked the re-spawn system so that it will ignore AFK players. This will stop you being re-spawned right next to the unhelpful idiot. The spawn AFK timer kicks in long before the normal one.
    Radar Jammer Graffiti: The personal graffiti of ignored players will no longer be shown when they use the Radar Jammer mod.



      Numerous server performance improvements.


      The lighting and camera positions for the 3D preview displays have been updated and improved. This affects: primary and secondary weapons, grenade display, character outfit display, and vehicle display.

Audio Work

    Balanced weapon audio (mix pass) and improved the audio effect of marksmanship mode.
    Updated ambient audio in San Paro Central Station (Double B and Shift's location).
    Added ambient audio around the church in Financial.
    Updated the pain/death audio to be less intrusive.
    Updated audio for the silenced FBW.
    Changed OBIR Carbine audio to be two shots, not three.
    Low pass filter on Audio display points, brough down all Audio display points, brought down 3rd person PMG.


    Contact / Environment

      Devil Dog has moved to a new perch...


      Vehicle spawners have been added across the road from the New Cross Skate Park in Financial.
      Fixed parts of the APD Car Park in Financial having ledges that can be walked out onto and used as a hard to reach spot for mission items


    Added 'Trexxon Energy Group' maintenance vans to the streets of San Paro
    Added a new taxi type that can be found in both action districts.
    Recoil Fixes: This will affect every weapon as 1.7.0 had incorrect values. In all cases this increases the amount that is regained after every shot.
    Added custom skins for 'Rapid99' and 'Sluttles' weapons (along with unique Tagger icons) for the 'Butcher' competition winners.
    Added Hazardous alternative skins (Red/Green/Blue/White) for the Joker Random-box prize. Players who already have the weapon will have to redeem code 'HAZARDOUS' on the marketplace to get access to them (as stated in each of their descriptions).
Bug Fixes
    Fixed the issue where automatic weapons would jam if the user attempted to fire too quickly between weapon firing states.
    Criminals will now spin to face the Enforcer when being arrested. This is to avoid edge cases that prevented the Enforcer from being able to perform the arrest.
    Fixed a crash that could occur when no selection was active when selecting another primitive in the symbol editor.
    Fixed HUD message implying that you can unlock the rest of TipToe's gang. You can't. Sorry.
    Fixed an issue where it was possible to decrease the grenade timer by switching weapons while a grenade was primed.
    Fixed the issue that prevented the user creating a new character without first logging out, after deleting every character in their account.
    Fixed a server assert that was caused by an LC vehicle being cleaned up when it had a task item in it.
    Fixed a server assert related to ambient vehicles.
    Fixed an issue where players could circumvent the HVR re-fire timer by priming a grenade.
    Removed a lap top from a table in Baylan so that it is no longer left floating in the air when the table is destroyed.
    Players are no longer able to duplicate items they have not unlocked.
    Criminals should now hear the "cuff" soundFX when arrested.
    Fixed an issue where players automatic weapons would appear to fire faster if they were holding a task item and started firing.
    Fixed an issue where the player would not have VFX or SFX when firing, if they were holding a task item and started firing.
    Marking Country-Gent as non-trade able.
    Checkpoint capture timer no longer resets if one player leaves before it is complete.
    Task items no longer have priority over ladders, so there should never be a case where you can't pick it up in front of a ladder.
    The Enforcer camera equipment ("The Shutter Bug") now has icons that go from lv2 to lv4 (brings it in line with all the other equipment).
    Fixed an issue that would still show the roof light VFX after the lights had been removed.
    This affects:

      1. Macchina Calabria 127 (Enforcer Starter)
      2. Dolton Broadwing (Taxi)

    Beret no longer has a line down the centre of it when the player is running at the lowest graphical setting.
    Lowered a floating vehicle spawner in block 01 (Michael Simeone) of the Waterfront district.
    Fixed an issue that caused the UI in fight club to incorrectly show the wrong progress data.
    Graffiti point at the back of Gaijin (in the Financial district) is now correctly lit.
    Witness mission drop off volumes should now be at the correct height.
    Blocking volume added to a fence in block 13 of the Financial district (North Havalynd) to prevent players being able to get behind it.
    A section of glass is now destructible in Block 13 of the Financial district (The Needles - Haverall Plaza).
    Players can no longer enter marksmanship mode in a social district.
    Fixed some Z-fighting on the top floor of the car park in Financial (where TipToe hangs out with her brood).
    Fixed a bush that was not being lit correctly in LeBoyce's spawn area.
    Removed a nasty drop off point in block 31 of the Financial district (GRESTY).
    Put back in a garage door that was not present in the Beacon district
    Enforcers now have Chassis Strengthening lv1 & 2 mods.
    Capture icon now appears for every player.
    Fixed semi-auto pistol issue with female characters so that their hands no longer bend backwards when in marksmanship mode.
    Fixed an issue that was making female characters show up naked in the editor.
    Fixed typo in Grissom's mail (You been notched up.) that had an erroneous question mark after his name.
    Players can no longer get through the ceiling of the Tower Plaza building in the Financial district.
    Phone booths beside Shift now have player collision in the subway station (Financial district).
    Valentines carbine no longer has old Joker Carbine Audio.
    Fixed an issue some players were having with the SDD.bin on startup.
    Brake lights are now visible to passengers.
    Fixed up some missing geometry in the Subway Information booth (Financial).
    TipToe's contact bio is now written in the game standard of US English.
    Fixed a prop that was sitting through a wall in the Financial district version of the Beacon.
    Fixed punctuation issues in Devil Dog's bio.
    Nulander wheels no longer show through the rear of the vehicle.
    Pioneer and Espacio now display the correct information for parts.
    Enforcers are no longer able to reach the upper floor of the Criminal's social district club.
    Cash earned UI issue has been fixed so that it always shows the correct amount.
    Fixed an issue that prevented the user from being able to re-add the front lights for the Enforcer starting vehicle.
    Fixed an issue that was causing the bull bars to be locked on the Seiyo Citadel V4.
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Jeudi 10 mai 2012  
New Weapon Skins Coming with 1.8.0 Update

(Post by Qwentle, Lead Designer of APB)

With 1.7.0 out of the way, we thought it's about time to talk about what we've been working on with the next big update. While there will be a number of items and updates in 1.8.0, the big talking point that I'm going to discuss is the introduction of Weapon Skins.

How Do Weapon Skins Work?

By default when you unlock a weapon skin, all skinnable weapons in the game will gain access to that skin. In some cases however this will be unique to the weapon, available to all weapons of that type (Shotguns for example) or archetype (Pointman weapons etc). When you are near an ammo zone, you can choose from a list of all weapon skins, mousing over them to preview the item. If you select an unlocked skin (shown highlighted in white) your weapon will immediately switch to the selected object and if you mouse over a non-unlocked skin (greyed out) you will be told how to attain it.

Why aren't all weapons skinnable?

To get this feature to you guys as soon as possible, we'll be initially rolling out a limited selection of weapons (generally one from each weapon group). Adding the ability to switch the skins quickly and with a minimum of network traffic / memory has required us to completely switch how the textures on the weapons work, and it takes time to convert from the old version to the new. As such, the first release will include the following weapons, with more to follow as they are converted:

OCA-626 (and variants), NTEC (and Variants), CR5, STAR, JG, CSG, NFAS, Obeya CR-762, OBIR, SHAW, HVR (all variants), Colby SNR, Obeya FBW.

While we understand that there are a number of other weapons in-game that are much loved by you guys, we wanted to ensure that we had an even spread to start, and felt this was the best selection we could make for an initial release.

In addition, any unique weapons (for instance the Fireball from the Challenges, or the Sitting Duck from the Joker Random-Box) will be unable to have their skins changed.

Why can't I completely customize my weapon?

The massive amount of customization in APB is a feature that makes us stand out from the crowd, but it comes at the cost. The amount of customization over the large number of players in any one district means that sending and building of customizations is one of the most resource intensive parts of the game. Full customization of weapons would increase the number of items being built per character from 2 (Vehicle + Character) to 3, an increase of 50% of customization data being sent. The increased bandwidth here would put too large a strain on the clients and servers, so is unfortunately infeasible, despite how cool it could have been. By selecting from a large selection of pre-made options, we keep a lot of the benefits of visual weapon customization while only sending a tiny amount of information across and removing any customization building.

How Do I get Weapon Skins?

Firstly we will be adding an extra level to each of the Weapon roles. Completing these will unlock a unique skin for those weapons. On top of this, some weapon skins will be available through Armas. Each faction also has a special skin that is unlocked through completing a new achievement that is triggered from completing the boss contact with that faction. This will likely mean that for players that have completed the organizations / killed a lot of players with certain weapons, a number of skins will unlock when you log into the game following the patch.

Can I see weapon skins in actions?

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Jeudi 26 avril 2012  
Gear Up & Roll Out - Paramilitary and Tactical Armas Release!

As announced in our earlier posts we will be releasing the all new Paramilitary Pack along with a revamped re-release of the Tactical Gear Pack. When will you be able to get your hands on the new Gear?  This weekend starting Friday!

For those of you who remember, the Tactical Gear Pack first made its debut on the Armas Marketplace during Thanksgiving Weekend for a Limited Release.  The first rendition of the 'Tac Pack' had a very limited release as it was only available for purchase for that weekend only.

Five months later, we're bringing the Tac Pack back. While this release will not be quite as "Limited" as the first time we released the Tactical Gear Pack, we do have a limited offer some unique Bonus Gifts and suped up bundles that will only be available for the first couple of weeks for the release.  Here is what's in store for you:

    Paramilitary Gear Pack + FREE Paramilitary N-TEC 
    Tactical Gear Pack + FREE Tactical CR-5

    Paramilitary Urban Warfare Pack

      (Includes Paramilitary Gear Pack, FREE Paramilitary N-TEC and Nulander Nomad Q134)

    Tactical Urban Warfare Pack

      (Includes Tactical Gear Pack, FREE Tactical CR-5 and Seiyo Citadel V4)

    Seiyo Citadel V4 (4-Slot Vehicle)
    Nulander Nomad Q134 (4-Slot Vehicle)
    Combat Helmet
    Elbow Pads
    Knee Pads 

New Gear, new Vehicles, and new unique Weapons are here for you to gear up and roll out!

And because we want to share a little look behind the scenes of the making of this new release we have our Lead Character Artist, Peter Andersson, sharing with us the process and back story for our latest Armas release.


(Written by Peter Andersson - Lead Character Artist)

With 1.7.0 we’re seeing both the release of the Paramilitary clothing and gear pack and the re-release of the Tactical pack. I wanted to give you guys an insight into some of the thought processes behind making them and also a hint at where we will be looking in the future when it comes to making more character assets.

To get the full picture I’m going to jump back to when G1 and Reloaded first took APB on. When we were asking ourselves what we could improve in our respective areas I had some pretty clear ideas of where I wanted the character assets to go. The biggest issue in my mind was that, for a game that primarily uses combat as its core game play element, there was a noticeable lack of character assets to support that notion. Work therefore started on a set of gear that was aimed entirely at pushing the combat aspect of APB. This eventually led to the release of the Tactical pack. Most of the inspiration came from professional combat units; tactical vests and webbing, ammunition pouches, Kevlar helmets, knee-pads, elbow-pads etc.

Combat gear inspiration

Upon the first release of the Tactical pack there were two things that stood out in the feedback we received. Firstly, people seemed to like this choice of a pack of gear revolving entirely around the combat aspect of the game. That part obviously made us happy and feel that we were somehow taking this in the right direction. Secondly, they seemed to think it was much more useful for kitting themselves out as an enforcer than a criminal so that for criminal players, the pack felt somewhat lacking. When I saw this feedback I felt that the players very much had a point. Knowing that this pack had drawn its inspiration heavily from combat units which was the main idea, I also knew that those units were mainly elite police and army divisions. These professions obviously have a much stronger connotation to law enforcement than crime out there in the real world so this reaction felt natural and justified.

Too similar

We decided that even though the direction seemed good enough, some tweaking of the plan was in order to better support the idea of the criminal/enforcer factions. We therefore started looking into a set of assets that would serve the criminals better, which led to the creation of the Paramilitary pack. This pack features some assets similar to the Tactical pack like the idea of an ammunition vest, separate pouches and additional webbing, only for the criminals we have gone in a different direction with the style. Their version looks more like it would have been obtained from an army surplus store or some other unofficial source, maybe dug out from a dusty attic somewhere and appropriated for urban warfare. We’re looking at the same underlying idea but executed differently for each faction.

Same thing, different look

In my mind this strengthens the perception of factions in APB and will hopefully help players feel more unique in the game world. Whatever you decide to do with your character customization, this prevents someone from the opposing faction turning up looking just like you. Not only does it feel inappropriate that somehow an opposing faction member has been able to kit themselves out exactly like you, it tends to confuse game play quite a bit too. As we have seen already in internal play tests, introducing these rather distinguishing faction-specific items has meant that all of a sudden it’s become that much easier to see who is friend and who is foe in frantic fire fights. Having the art content support the game play in that way definitely constitutes a win in my book.

A clearer faction representation

There are indeed other areas we want to support too, such as the many fashion styles and subcultures of the real world you can draw inspiration from when you’re designing a full video game wardrobe for a game like APB. More fancy clothing is definitely on the agenda, not just bulletproof vests and ammunition pouches. Exactly what they are will remain undisclosed at this point but I’d like to let you know that work has already continued in both areas: cool clothing as well as more combat related gear. We are definitely not short of ideas. On the contrary the idea list is massive and the challenge we’re facing is rather determining exactly how and when these ideas will best manifest themselves.

I hope this provides a little insight into what lead up to this asset release and some clue as to what direction we’re planning to take it in. I’m looking forward to the next time I’ll be writing an announcement of new exciting stuff for the game.

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Jeudi 26 avril 2012  
Patch 1.7.0 (200)

Greetings Players, the servers are now live with Patch 1.7.0 (200)

The patch notes are listed below.

Patch 1.7.0 (200)

    Activatable vehicle mods now once again activate using the vehicle mod activation button (default: 'shift' key)
    District Instance select screen - districts now show their full name again, e.g. Missions-Financial_EN-5
    Fixed issues causing the NFAS and other automatic weapons to appear to 'jam'.
    Increased the height of a collision volume near the Golden Mall in Financial to prevent cars getting onto it.
    Added a 'Smooth Frame Rate' option to the Video Settings dialog, and enabled it by default. Vsync is now disabled by default.
    Fixed the Star 556 LCR recoil recovery values.
    Fixed an issue where Criminal variant of the Vegas G20 'Firebomb' was using incorrect modifications.
    Adjusted Marksmanship movement speeds for Obeya FBW-SD and OCA 626 'Whisper'.
    Colby M1922 'Hazardous' (Joker Random-Box 2 reward) is now tradeable.
    Updated the ACT 44 'Last Stand' description.
    Added Team Kill kicking functionality for Fight Club. Players will be kicked if they kill 5 players from the same team. Team kill count will reset after 5 minutes of good behaviour.
    Fixed the 'moonwalking' that could occur when sprinting after jumping and firing.
    Fixed VIP and deathmatch HUD markers remaining at the position where the player died.
    Increased the size of all the spawns near the ground level in the affected areas of the Beacon to avoid players spawning under the map.
    Added AFK kicking functionality to both Fight Club and Mission Districts. Players who do not perform an action within a reasonable timeframe (5 minutes for Fight Club, 20 for Missions) will be removed from the server. Certain actions, such as moving, are not counted for determining if a player is AFK or not.
    Adjusting Radar Jammer description to better match its effects.
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Vendredi 20 avril 2012  
1.7.0 (197) to 1.7.0 (198)

Servers will be coming down at 5 PM GMT to deploy 1.7.0(198)

This patch will include:

    Fixed players showing up on radar unintentionally.
    Made various changes to improve server performance.
    Fixed being able to sprint with heavy weapons until the equip timer ends (aka sprinting with rocket launchers.)
    Fixed group members HUD marker disappearing.

Another patch will be arriving next week to address other issues brought in by 1.7.0.

Estimated downtime is 1 hour.

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Mercredi 18 avril 2012  
1.7.0 Patch Notes

Greetings players.

Barring unforeseen problems, patch 1.7.0 will be hitting the live servers on Wednesday the 18th of April. As such, we are delighted to share probably one of our biggest sets of patch notes ever.


New Contacts

    TipToe and Devil Dog !

      Criminals get to meet TipToe, Tyron Sennet’s long lost daughter. She’s employed by the Blood Roses but runs with her own brood of elite sociopaths. She can be found hanging out on top of the APD car park in Financial.
      Enforcers join ranks with Devil Dog, an ex-sniper who was honourably discharged from the Marines on medical grounds. He now works for the Prentiss Tigers and can be found on the roof of the abandoned “Munson’s Screw & Bolt” factory in Financial.
      Both contacts add 20 levels of progression each and hand out the latest experimental gadgets and gear to all those wo can earn it.
      NOTE: You must be Rank 195 to unlock these top contacts.

New Mods and Progression Rewards!

    Players who get referred to TipToe and Devil Dog can look forward to the following rewards!

    Radar Jammer

      An activatable character mod that will block your opponent’s radar with your deployed graffiti. Warning: The jamming signal will make you visible on enemy radar on players outside the jamming range - however it won’t block your teammates, so working together is key to taking down a confused enemy.

    Valzipram Tablets

      This experimental military drug is a character mod that has found its way to San Paro. This muscle relaxant pill will increase your resistance to speeding traffic.

    Horizontal Muzzle Brake

      This weapon mod is a recoil compensator takes gases produced by the weapon and directs them sideways, reducing horizontal recoil at the expense of vertical recoil.

    Mobility Sling

      This weapon mod is a Joker manufactured sling designed to act as a stability aid while moving. This allows the user to walk or run faster while in marksmanship mode, though the complex system of attachment does slightly increase weapon draw time.


      This weapon mod uses RFID Tags attached to fired rounds effectively mark enemy targets, highlighting them on your Heads Up Display (HUD) for you and your team. An ideal mod for snipers as it helps them designate a badly wounded target.


      Activate this vehicle mod to jam the accelerator pedal with a brick and send your vehicle careering forward – with or without you.

    Inventory Space Increases

      With these inventory space increase unlocks you can now add more vehicles, clothing, weapons and more to your Locker!

    Skinned Weapons, Vehicles and Clothing

      Players who can earn the full trust of TipToe and Devil Dog will be rewarded with a unique weapon and vehicle as well as iconic clothing in the style of the contacts themselves!

New Feature - Fight Club Challenges!

    We've introduced weekly 3-tier challenge events for players to complete and compete for in the Fight Club Districts. Play well and receive top rewards!
    Complete objectives, deal damage, earn cash, kill enemies and lots more, depending on the challenge in the district.
    Check your progress using the challenge HUD information box, or see more information and your leaderboard position by pressing F6, which brings up the dedicated Challenge interface.
    Rewards range from cold hard cash right up to new and unique weapons, leasable from contacts in the usual way.

New Fight Club Mission Type!


      A new mission type where players have to grab and capture items that they hold in their checkpoints. The more items you hold the faster you can win the mission – be careful though, the enemy can take them back at any time.

Combat, Mission and Weapon Changes!

    Marksmanship and sprinting mobility improvements

      Marksmanship and sprinting movement speed is now determined by the weight and encumbrance of a weapon. This means that you can technically sprint with every weapon, but how fast you move will be determined by the weight and bulkiness of your weapon. Players using small and light weapons will notice that their movement speed in marksmanship mode will also be improved.

    Light Frag Grenades

      Players who earn the respect of TipToe or Devil Dog will be rewarded with this new grenade type. Players can carry 3 light frag grenades at one time, and the damage caused by each grenade is somewhere between that of a percussion grenade and a normal frag grenade.

    Checkpoint Volumes Tweaked

      Updated those pesky drop-off volumes so that they are much lower, and while bright at a distance they become less so close up, while not being exploitable as hiding places.

Vehicle Changes!

    The San Paro Taxi Company has recently expanded its Waterfront fleet, adding the Han Veo to take passengers around the nicer parts of San Paro.
    Not stopping there, the San Paro Taxi Company has updated its Financial taxi fleet with a new roof-mounted advertising board. What would you advertise if you had one?

Environment Changes!

    Financial District

      Alexandria Park and Display

        Remodelled parking complex in the Financial district that now gives players access to its top floor and roof. Be warned though, this is TipToe’s haunt, so you should only visit it if you have business with her – otherwise you might find yourself walking her plank...

      New Cross Skate Park

        Rebuilt and re-envisioned, the skate park is now an exciting prospect for all you budding stunt car drivers - just be careful how you treat it while the owner is away...

      Club Gaijin

        Now has a rear access to the upper floor, making assaulting this position much easier than before. There is also a recreational area out back so you can hang out after popping some grenades in the door...

      Praetorian Offices

        A new stairwell has been installed in the rear of the building allowing access to the upper section of the building, making this popular camping ground far harder to hold.

      St Medina's Incinerator (opposite Wilson LeBoyce)

        A rear access corridor to the roof has been added to give a new route for attackers, and the rear courtyard now houses overflow waste waiting to be incinerated.

      SPPD Offices (Violet Prentiss, Ty Durrant and Grissom)

        The interior decorator has been in and given these offices a fresh lick of paint and installed some new lighting fixtures.

    Waterfront District

      The Villanueva

        The luxurious sea front property has had some work done to its upper balcony, allowing Michael Simeone to relax in style - though he’s thinking of hiring some security to keep the riffraff out...

      Rimbaud Cocktails

        A Cocktail bar "Re-Birthed" and reopened in the down town area the Waterfront district, just across from the Tsunami Casino. An exclusive bar, its popularity among the wealthier of San Paro inhabitants has blessed it with a 24 hour alcohol licence. The cocktail menu is in mixed Mandarin and Renaissance Italian and the house absinthe is apparently the best in the city.

      The Prentiss Boxing Club

        The Prentiss boxing club is a popular place to train in the “noble art” and maybe learn a few more “unorthodox” methods of combat. A popular hangout for Prentiss Tigers both old and new, the gym itself is not currently open to the public but its break area and upper balcony are, offering a strongly defensible location to set up in.

    The Beacon District

      The construction of The Beacon continues moving forward - the site has recently had some new scaffolding installed, making it easier to ascend to the roof from the front of the building. General work has been on going, so you will find various tweaks and changes to this decadent high rise building. Some blank billboards, that are just asking to be tagged, have also been installed at the entrance to the construction offices.

    Baylan Shipping District

      A shipment of new crates was recently "commandeered" by the factions and relocated (with some planks they also "borrowed") to give them new routes to navigate the Baylan container yard. The Criminal faction have also set up a new, better fortified, base at the feet of the crane. The billboards by the Enforcer's base are now free for anyone looking to throw up some of their tags.

Modification Changes!

    All Kevlar Mods now have their acceleration penalties removed, and their effects now are:

      Kevlar 1 - 10% increase in health, 15% sprint speed reduction.
      Kevlar 2 - 20% increase in health, 15% run speed reduction and 20% sprint speed reduction.
      Kevlar 3 - 30% increase in health, 20% run speed reduction and 30% sprint speed reduction.

Audio Changes!

    The gas station around the city now play the appropriate audio while you are near them - so you can listen to the friendly announcements and soothing music while they buff the bullet holes out of your bonnet.
    You have mail! A new sound has been added for announcing when the player receives a new in-game mail.
    Vehicle door audio - the car door opening sound has been tweaked to better match the timing of the animation.
    Overall vehicle audio has been remixed to better match the volume of the environment in general.
    Various parts of all districts have had their environmental audio vastly improved.
    Weapon Sounds - the following weapons have had their firing sounds updated:

      Colby RSA
      Agrotech DMR
      AV Joker
      SR15 Joker
      CR5 Colby PMG 28

Threat Level Remap!

    Now that the threat levels have stabilised across the playerbase, we are remapping some of the threat values to new threat levels. This means that some players may see their threat shift, but all this helps us spread out the different skill levels more evenly to improve matchmaking in the game.

Other Changes!

    Updated Michael Simeone - a man of his reputation needs to have a certain look...
    Updated one or two existing contacts as well, the new guys in town certainly made an impression!
    Fixed an issue where player’s customisations changes were not being saved due to an overflow in the character data.
    Fixed characters being able to wear clothing meant for the opposite faction only.
    Fixed an issue where wrong data could be displayed if the player's steam avatar could not be retrieved.
    Fixed an issue with VSync where user preferences would not actually be applied. NOTE: VSync is now enabled by default.
    Fixed an exploit where players were placing task items on shelving and then destroying the box they used to get up there, making them unrecoverable.
    Fixed a client local issue where a weapon would appear to fire faster after shooting while holding a task item.
    Deleting a weapon will no longer delete the mods equipped on that weapon (if you own them), too many players were ignoring the warning message and deleting them anyway. And then complaining. Check your Locker for the mods.
    Numerous fixes to help improve the stability of the client.
    Fixed a number of rare server crashes.
    Fixed an issue that was preventing the districts from being able to be sorted by threat level on the instances tab.
    "Hide full" option is now working correctly on the instances tab.
    Players are no longer able to prevent a point from being captured by kicking a player from the mission while they are capturing it.
    Missions will now end in a draw if both sides have an equal amount of items in their drops. Previously the mission owners would always lose.
    Removed the treasure chest from the pool of large task items due to an animation issue.
    No longer possible to trigger an infinite Overtime state on stages that have a contestable bomb target.
    The VIP can now see their in-world icon, so they don’t have to spend 30secs (and valuable lives) trying to work out who the VIP actually is.
    The world space icons used for VIPs and players on Deathmatch stages should now vanish as soon as a player dies.
    Players will no longer be kicked from a district for being idle if their group is already on a mission when they join a Fight Club district – they will be added to the mission instead.
    A palette on the first floor of The Beacon will no longer be left floating in mid-air when it is destroyed by explosive damage.
    The flag pole and music display point can no longer be destroyed on Baylan Shipping.
    The vehicle spawner at the back the map on Baylan Shipping has been fixed so it will no longer catapult longer vehicles like the Moirai forward when they are spawned.
    Criminal players are now told when they go over $1500 open world cash that they will be witnessable by any Enforcer.
    Leased ARMAS weapons now show the correct expiry time.
    Criminal players are no longer able to climb into the Enforcer base and interact with La Rocha in the Social District.
    Fixed an issue that was preventing players being given the "Standing level up!" message.

New Items Coming to Armas Soon!

    Paramilitary Gear - This custom military clothing set for the Criminal faction consists of:

      Combat Parka
      Combat belt
      Thigh Rig (Left and Right)
      Chest Rig
      Riflemen Chest Rig Configuration

    New vehicle kits for the Seiyo Espacio and Nomad Pioneer

      Recent intel from San Paro suggests that the Criminals are adopting the Pioneer and the Enforcers are now using the Espacio in some cases, both with their own unique 'adjustments' of course.

    Also look out for a fan favourite making a return to the Armas store sometime soon! "Give Thanks" to the powers that be!
    Finding that your advertising just isn't hitting your target audience? A roof-mounted advertising board would help, wouldn't it?

Made adjustments to the Seiyo Espacio and Patriot Vaquero handling.


    Overall this vehicle is slightly more fast and manoeuvrable, with an increased clearance, and no longer pulls to the right.

      Adjusted suspension travel on all wheels from 15cms to 21cms. This ensures full grip for all wheels on the road, so vehicle doesn't veer right when accelerating.
      Raised suspension from 12cm to 18cm (necessary due to suspension travel change)
      Slightly improved Torque at 500rpm for improved acceleration from stationary.
      Reduced suspension damping and increased stiffness to reduce flexibility of now increased suspension.
      Reduced amount of engine torque applied to the chassis.
      Increased engine braking factor.
      Increased reverse throttle
      Increased steering angles at all speeds.
      Adjusted centre of mass to be lower and nearer the front (makes sense for a front-heavy vehicle)
      Slightly improved maximum speed.


    Overall this is now a much tighter car, and more comparable to the Mikro. It does however keep some of its bounciness and character, but doesn't lose wheel contact with the road when turning and is a lot more restrained.

      Camera can move nearer the vehicle now.
      Vehicle profile slightly lowered by increasing axle height for all wheels.
      Suspension travel distance near halved from 60cms to 35cms.
      Suspension travel speed increased so it will react and adjust suspension faster (50cms-1 to 75cms-1)
      Rear lateral grip with handbrake very slightly increased to make the rear wheels slightly more grippy when moving them horizontally.
      Enabled the Limited Slip Differential at 50% to ensure stable power to all wheels regardless of which are touching the ground.
      Increased suspension damping and stiffness. This provides fairly dynamic but tough suspension.
      Slightly reduced amount of engine torque applied to chassis, to stop the wheels lifting off the ground under simple acceleration in most circumstances.
      Improved steering angles at all speeds. This is now slightly more manoeuvrable than the Mikro on paper (though its raised profile means it can't react faster).
      Adjusted centre of mass downwards slightly to make sure it still always lands on its feet.
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Lundi 16 avril 2012  
1.7.0 Environment and Vehicle Screenshots


I'm Jotunblut and I'm new to the community team. I've got screenshots of some of the new stuff that's coming up in version 1.7.0.

There are so many screenshots that it's gonna have to be spread out across multiple posts.


And, because you asked for it, here's a look at some of the new vehicle kits.

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Samedi 14 avril 2012  
More 1.7.0 - Get Ready for Countdown!

Post by Quinzel, Producer of APB

Welcome back to the second half of our “New Breed Part 1” blog post!  As mentioned in the first half, here we will get into more details on the other new features coming with the big 1.7.0, including environmental changes, new weapon mechanics, and new character mechanics.  

As with any of the changes made to the game, we make a concerted effort to take into account the feedback given to us from the Community.  In 1.7 we have tried to address both community feedback and to implement new items that will give us room to grow the game in the future.  On that note, without further ado;

Environmental Changes

You will see that we’ve made quite a few improvements in both the Financial District and the Waterfront District.  While, most of the changes focused on Financial we think you’ll like what we’ve done for both.  And we didn’t forget about our latest maps from Fight Club. Some of the things we did to improve Fight Club maps include removing a few camping spots and adding details where we felt more depth was needed. While city planning can be a full-time job, we’ve also made sure to add a few new areas in preparation for future content updates, where some of the other New Contacts (cough – New Breed Part 2 – cough) will have a home.

    Financial District

      Gaijin Club

        A smoking area has been added to the back of Gaijin for late night clubbers. This is accessible through a new entrance on the top floor and from the alleyways around the rear. This extra entrance helps make the area a lot less impenetrable as a defensive location.  Now you can dance, hang out, and assault other players all in the same locale.  Sounds like a fun night to us!

      St Medina's Incinerator

        The Incinerator Building (opposite Wilson LeBoyce) will now have an extra rear entrance added to the roof, so take advantage of this new route of attack. The rear courtyard now contains overflow waste waiting to be incinerated.  This place might be ideal to hide a dead body or two – I mean – an ideal place to recycle a thing or two!

      Alexandra Park and Display

        The top two floors of the car park have been opened up, with the top floor TipToe’s stomping ground. Multiple entrances and a gaping hole in the floor for access to the level below make this a great combat space also. Remodelled parking complex in the Financial District now gives players access to its top floor.  Keep one thing in mind – only visit the top floor if you have business with TipToe. If you don’t she might give you a one-way express ticket to the ground floor (courtesy of the gaping hole in the floor)…

      New-Cross Skate Park

        You might remember getting a first glance at this area from our sneak peek video of the new Brick Mod. The Skate Park has extensively been rebuild and re-envisioned. This area now features a number of ramps and jumps, and has access to vehicles. The perfect place for all you aspiring stunt car drivers and extreme sportsmen/women.

      Pretorian Offices (Justin Teng)

        A new stairwell has been installed in the rear of the building allowing access to the upper section of the building, making this popular camping ground far harder to hold.
        SSPD Offices (Violet Prentiss, Ty Durrant & Grissom): The interior decorator has been in and given these offices a fresh lick of paint and installed some new lighting fixtures.

    Waterfront District

      Prentiss Boxing Club

        For all you real contenders out there head to his spot to train in the “noble art” and maybe learn a few more “unorthodox” methods of combat. The gym itself is not currently open to the public but its break area and upper balcony are, offering a strongly defensible location to set up in. A stairwell and offices have been created inside the Prentiss Boxing Club to give better access to the roof-top as well.

      Villanueva Hotel

        The luxurious sea front property has had some work done to its upper balcony, allowing Michael Simeone to relax in style - though he’s thinking of hiring some security to keep to riffraff out… An extra stairway has been created to the top level, and the area has had some graphical improvements to bring out the hotel class.

      Rimbaud Cocktails

        A new cocktail bar has been opened in the down town area the Waterfront district, just across from the Tsunami Casino. An exclusive bar, its popularity among the wealthier of San Paro inhabitants has blessed it with a 24-hour alcohol licence. The cocktail menu is mixed Mandarin and Renaissance Italian. Apparently, the house Absinthe is the best in the city.

    Baylan District

      There has been an extra 'base' area added near the cranes, and the enforcer spawn point has been moved to the Dog-Crate in the north-west. The previous enforcer spawn has also had a small makeover, with extra entrances in and out. This is primarily to facilitate the new 'Scavenger' Game-type (I'll cover that in the Fight Club Challenges section).
      A shipment of new creates was recently “commandeered” by the factions and relocated (with some planks they also “borrowed”) to give them new routes to navigate the Baylan container yard. The Criminal faction have also set up a new, better fortified, base at the feet of the crane. The billboards by the Enforcer’s base are now free for anyone looking to throw up some of their tags.

    Beacon District

      The top floor of the north tower in the beacon has had a few changes to make it less defensible. In addition, the scaffolding on the west side has been extended, giving an extra (though risky) fast access from the fifth to eleventh floors.
      The construction site has recently had some new scaffolding installed, making it easier to ascend to the roof from the front of the building. General work has been on going, so you find various tweak and changes to this decadent high rise building. Some blank billboards, that are just asking to be tagged, have also been installed at the entrance to the construction offices.

Vehicle Changes

    New ambient taxi with a roof mounted advertising board. Mobile billboard sounds like a good place to advertise and recruit new clan members? Maybe you are planning on having a player event and want to spread the word. The sky is the limit for things you might want to show on that cab! (Just keep in mind the limit for the things you CANNOT show, and you will avoid the banhammer).
    We also will have new vehicle kits for both the Enforcer and Criminal carrying kits for you to carry your group in style.  And as hinted here and there we’ll have a few new Uber Packs, new Vehicles and Kits in store for you soon.

New Weapon & Character Mechanics

Now, Qwentle, our Lead Designer spent some late evenings a long with the rest of our team, trying to make some of these needed adjustments become a reality.  So if you see him around be sure to say ‘Thanks’ or emote some happy dance.

    Marksmanship and sprinting mobility improvements

      Now we have different speeds for Marksmanship, depending on type. For all but the heavy weapons, this has either increased or stayed the same. Large weapons such as the heavy-snipers and LMGs have had their marksmanship and run speeds reduced, but have been given the ability to sprint, albeit at a much lower speed than normal weapons. This removes an arbitrary constraint (not being able to sprint) while still maintaining the effect (the weapon is bulky and slow).
      Marksmanship and sprinting movement speed is now modified by the weight and encumbrance of a weapon. This means that you can technically sprint with every weapon, but how fast you move will be determined by the aforementioned modifiers.

    Kevlar Change

      Kevlar will now only adjust movement speeds, and not acceleration. It now slows as follows:

      L1: +10%hp, -10% Sprint Speed
      L2: +20%hp, -10% Sprint Speed, -10% run speed
      L3: +30%hp, -15% Sprint Speed, -15% run speed

    ACT44 ‘Last Stand’ Change

      Qwentle wanted to ensure the retail box magnum was not overpowered, and perhaps erred too much on the side of caution.  But to re-balance things, we’re switching out the mod for this weapon and replacing it with a mobility sling mod. This should allow it to move faster when aiming. This should fit it into a fairly interesting place, being a high damage side-arm that can be aimed and fired when moving at near run-speed.

So there you have it folks!  We hope all of you are prepared for New Breed Part 1 (1.7.0) and as you get to make your way with exploring the new content please feel free to share your feedback with us.  For more nitty-gritty details, we’ve pre-emptively posted Release Notes on our Official Forums - Forums

There have of course been many additional improvements that will make life harder for unpleasant players and for cheaters, though we will not discuss those in an open forum. That's an ongoing battle which continues unabated behind the scenes.

So stay tuned for more news about 1.7 when we go LIVE and keep your eyes peeled for some special upcoming promotions and Armas Releases around the release of 1.7, by visiting the Armas or checking your registered GamersFirst e-mail.

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Mercredi 11 avril 2012  
Genitalia and Bigotry - "Drawing the Line" !

Post by Quinzel, Producer of APB

San Paro - a city where anarchy and iron-fisted justice clash.  Who is to say what is “right” or “wrong” in this concrete jungle?  Where does that leave you in this M-rated game?  What does “rated M for Mature” even mean in San Paro?

It would surprise me if anyone playing the game has not seen an inappropriate player-created image.  Whether it is a customized van with a “graphic” paint job or a topless toon on one of the display points in Social District – we have seen it all!  Now, what happens when players do this?  Some players get banned and some players are warned and you are left scratching your head asking, “Where do we draw the line?”

Apparently we (the production team) are all-powerful and as noted before we reserve the right to ban people for any reason what-so-ever. But as the producer of the game, I really do want to help define what we think “our community standards” are supposed to mean, even in a game intended for a 18+ audience.

One morning, I found an e-mail thread reported by our Community Team that there were some questionable nudity images in Social:

    G1 Staffer 1, “We need a clean-up in aisle Colby – display points section. Is there anything we can do about this – I have the name of the players that posted this stuff. Let me know please.”
    G1 Staffer 2, “I don’t see the problem. It’s just some boobs :P?”
    G1 Staffer 3, “I second that  J 18+ Rated game J
    G1 Staffer 4, “I actually find it kinda comforting…”
    G1 Staffer 5, “Unless she has a swastika for a nipple or something I don’t think we have to remove it, 18+ game.”

We discussed this thread in one of our weekly team meetings to make sure we define our general policy and refreshed messaging to the community.  One point mentioned was that the game by design has characters that show a lot of skin.  If you go to our Character Customization Editor you can get characters down to their underwear.  Seeing as this was something we built how can we fault the community for doing the same?  

Quick answer – we can’t and we won’t. 

But what about more “disturbing” images involving nudity?  We were already taking actions towards players who created and displayed images that were “disturbing” to both us and other players.  Were nipples acceptable?  How about butt-cheeks?  

So one take away from the meeting was - genitalia is where we draw the line; we did not create that by design.  That line is the base.   Certainly, there are things that exist beyond that line which I’m sure if your imagination wonders far enough you will find.  Furthermore, our rated M for Mature is based off of content we created and have designed for the game.

Looking back at some of the legacy APB Sourcebooks, (documentation from RTW days), I found the following text in one of the design documents:

    1.1.1 Adult Material

      Adult material must be sensitively handled – we are not trying to needlessly shock or offend, but we are trying to put across a real seeming world with a definite edge.
      No story elements should be gratuitous.
      Hardcore brutality or cruelty, etc. must be played down.
      However, the world must feel capable of such things (e.g. such events may be referenced in the story).
      Explicit sex must not be depicted.

There you have it!  So here is where we can roughly define what our take on “disturbing” might mean; it says right there “Explicit sex must not be depicted.”  It also states, “we are not trying to needlessly shock or offend.”  So here is the general rule of thumb next time you ask yourself, “Can I put this image that I’ve created out on display?”

The last reply from G1 Staffer 5, (“Unless she has a swastika for a nipple…”), is a perfect segue to my next point of discussion – bigotry!

While my office is based in the U.S. my team (GamersFirst and Reloaded) are spread over different continents.  Our APB Reloaded team is an international bunch not to different from our player-base; we have an international player community spread across the world.  With that said, we all should recognize that as an international community we have a diversity of players from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

We have zero tolerance for any disrespect of diversity. 

It’s not uncommon practice for us to ban accounts that are infringing that respect between players so think twice before you create a characters, symbols, or images in game that are racist, sexist, or discriminate against any of the Protected Classes (based off U.S. anti-discrimination laws).  We clearly DO draw the line at Bigotry, and we also reserve the right to enforce 'community standards' when it comes to sexual imagery.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the “Protected Classes” generally include race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex and disability (and in some states sexual preference as well).

As an example, there were players in game who were going around wearing swastikas. The symbols were making players around them feel uncomfortable and so we asked that they please remove those symbols.  They refused so we blocked their accounts.  Soon after the banned players tried to contact us through customer support and dispute that we (GamersFirst) were the ones acting discriminatory; they claimed that they were banned for expressing their political views while other players with religious character names were allowed to run around in-game.  These players who were sporting the Nazi symbols in game were defending themselves saying that they never griefed any players in game, never used hacks or exploits, and further more felt uncomfortable seeing players in game with names that had some religious reference or players wearing religious symbols or national flags.

While I don’t want to go into a whole WWII dissertation or lesson in auspicious Asian symbols, let’s just say that in general - in today’s society - Nazi symbols are taken as symbols of hatred. Any symbols or actions that actively and deliberately are aimed to express such hatred are not tolerated. 

While one can argue that swastikas are a political symbol rather than a hate symbol, political affiliation is not a protected class.  There is a difference between a character named “STFU [FILL IN PROTECTED CLASS]” vs.  a character named “iLUVBuddha." And in plain English, if we think you are being overtly and actively offensive, we will ban you. 

Generally we DO try to give players a warning first. So, take this post (and also previous forum posts that have informed the same) as an official first warning.  We are not obligated to warn players but we’d like to think that everyone can make a mistake and try to give people a chance to correct themselves.

We hope that this post has helped clarified any mystical questions about what the boundaries are and why.  If you have to ask yourself twice better not chance it. 


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Samedi 7 avril 2012  
New Breeds Part 1 (1.7.0 Update)

Post by Quinzel, Producer of APB

Thank you, TechMech for the formal introductions!  So as promised, with mic in hand, I’ll start getting into all of the juicy details of “New Breeds Part 1” – our 1.7.0 Update.    

You might ask yourselves, “Where did the name ‘New Breeds Part 1’ come from? Does this mean there will be a Part 2, Part 3…?”  While 1.7.0 might not be considered a major expansion by MMO standards, we felt this MEGA-Update was worthy of a name.  That name is inspired from our added progression content – our “New Breed” of contacts you will get to meet in game very soon. 

For all you Criminals out there, we have a special lady waiting to wreak havoc with you.  Her name is Tiptoe, and she is the long lost daughter of one well-known Bloodrose - Tyron Sennet!  She’s employed by the Blood Roses but runs with her own brood of elite sociopaths. You can find Tip Toe hanging out on top of the APD car park in Financial.  But be warned - the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

As for all of you Enforcers out for blood, we have a Prentiss Tiger on the prowl and he’s got a pedigree for taking people out.  Meet DevilDog, an ex-sniper who was honorably discharged from the Marines on medical grounds. DevilDog can be found on the roof (naturally) of the abandoned “Munson’s Screw & Bolt” factory in Financial. 

Should you get on either of these two new contacts’ good graces then you will be rewarded with unlocks for high level Vehicles, Inventory space increases, New Modifications, and new Weapons / Weapon skins.

As some of you have noticed in the past couple of weeks we have been releasing some sneak-peek images and videos for some of the New Modifications through our Official Forums and Facebook.  Here is the full list of Mods and Weapons below:

New Modifications

    Radar Jammer

      This is an activatable character modification that jams all enemy radars within a 50m radius. At the same time, it covers their radar screen with your personal graffiti (or a generic one if you don't have any equipped). It also obscures your own radar (but not your teammates) so it's best to fire just before an engagement when you know where the enemy is but they don't know where you are coming from.

    Hard Landing

      This utility character mod completely removes the 'Heavy Landing' animation, meaning you can drop from heights and be ready to go right away. It comes at the cost of a slight increase in fall damage taken.


      An office favourite, this activatable vehicle mod places a brick on the accelerator, allowing you to exit your vehicle and have it fly off into the distance. It's great as a distraction tool when entering a combat situation, or coupled with Explosives on a damaged vehicle for a semi-guided bomb.

    Valzipram Tablets

      Fairly simple one this, it's a utility character modification that allows you to be hit by vehicles at higher speed without dying. Fairly niche, but good as a utility improvement (though naturally it’s mutually exclusive with Happy Landings and Hard Landing).

    Mobility Sling

      This receiver weapon modification improves the speed at which you can move in marksmanship mode, but increasing your equip time.


      Familiar to anyone online during the Valentine’s event, we’ve added this to the first contact’s progression. It’s a receiver modification that adds a target above anyone that is hit by your weapon, allowing easier coordinating of fire between groups.

    Muzzle Brake (Horizontal)

      A barrel modification for weapons, this takes propulsion gases and steers them horizontally, lessening the recoil in that direction at the expense of vertical.

New Weapons

    Low Yield Fragmentation Grenades

      Lighter frag grenade with the same range but damage similar to percussions. The light nature means you can carry three, along with allowing them to be faster flying and having a shorter fuse timer. Great for flushing enemies or steering combat.

    Tommy Gun

      Those that completed the Valentine's event will already have seen this. It's a high capacity, high recoil SMG best fired in marksmanship mode.

    Unique NTEC5 Skin

      As a final reward, both DevilDog and Tiptoe give out a personalised NTEC. These have a solid stock with unique colouring and decals.

New Weapons and new Modifications are not the only new things you will get to play with. With the new patch we'll be adding a number of new character Gear items to purchase on Armas. There's been a lot of speculation about where the Tactical Pack went after the Thanksgiving sale, and the reason has been because we felt that we were being a little bit unfair. The Tactical pack was very Enforcer themed, and we wanted a Criminal themed set to add as a counterpart. As such, with 1.7.0, we'll be bringing back a revamped Tactical Pack and adding a Paramilitary Pack for the criminals.

Last but not least, the other major feature to this colossal update will be the highly anticipated Fight Club Challenges! These occur weekly and give players the chance to complete for various prizes. These prizes will range from straight up APB$ (low end prize) to unique vehicles and weapons (top end prize), along with things such as limited usage of Armas weapons and inventory increases.

Each week, both fight clubs will be set to a specific map, game-type and challenge. As we only currently have two maps, these will stay the same until more are complete, while the game-type and challenge will change weekly. The challenges will have three tiers, with the third and second prizes being straight up requirements, and the top prize requiring you to be in the top X% of players that have taken part in the challenge. Our first week's challenges are as follows:


    Challenge 1 : Deal Damage to Enemies in The Beacon and you will qualify for these prizes:

      1st Prize - (Top 10% of players). An OCA-626 'Fireball' - a uniquely skinned OCA with a new stock and 3 Open Slots. This prize both gifts a 10-Day version of the weapon and unlocks it for purchase.
      2nd Prize - +2 Clothing Inventory Space.
      3rd Prize - $10,000 APB$


    Challenge 2 : Win Matches in Baylan Shipping Storage and you could win these prizes;

      1st Prize - Vegas G20 'Firebomb" -A flaming muscle car with a twist, this version contains a unique modification called 'Meteor' which acts like Brick but also causes your car to explode when it next hits something. It also causes it to become much more susceptible to gunfire when active. This prize is both a 10-Day lease and the unlock to purchase.
      2nd Prize - NTEC-5 Solid Stock: A 2 Slot Solid Stock NTEC with Mobility Sling and Hunting Sight. This prize is a 20 day lease.
      3rd Prize - $10,000 APB$

Seeing as this post is getting a bit lengthy, we’ll save Environmental changes and New Weapon mechanics for our next blog post.  So stay tuned and get ready for New Breeds Part 1!!!!!!!

Now, I should probably explain Scavenger. When the mission starts, both teams are given a base. A number of task items will spawn in the map, and the player's goal is to grab the items and take them back to the base. The difference to the normal 'Grab and Deliver' style modes is that once you have captured the item, it doesn't disappear. Instead you drop the item (you can no longer interact with it) in your base and you gain points for every second you hold it. The enemy can steal the items back. It's kind of like capture the flag, only there are multiple flags and the enemy has to come and get them back.

So that’s what’s coming up in the near future. This work is currently sitting with our QA Team, so we’ll have more for you on dates once we’ve finalized things.

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Vendredi 23 mars 2012  
We're back!

Now THAT was a serious hiatus!

A lot of stuff has happened since the last blog entry in October. Between the Greek debt crisis, US Presidential politics and an incredible focus by our Game Studio on the next version of APB, there just never seemed to be time to make a full blog post. And now it's already spring-time again!

Separate from the intense work at our Game Studio, our back-end team has been finalizing a brand new stand-alone MMO publishing platform for people who want to spare themselves the trouble of spending years creating their own MMO publishing system and just want focus on making a great game. Our new platform comes with complete payment systems, in-game analytics, fraud management, in game product management, marketing tools and hosting services, so you can publish your own hard-core free2play MMO to millions of players (just in case YOU, or any of your friends, happen to have built a serious free2play MMO in your garage and you need to reach a global audience) But that is a whole other topic that will be announced completely separately from this blog (at So with that interlude... back to APB!

Springtime For APB

We have a TON of game changes coming up in our big 1.7 patch. 1.7 introduces a large number of features, an extended progression system and major changes to core features that we think will make the game a lot more fun for many players.

On the global front we partnered with Innova Systems in Russia last year, and last month Innova launched the APB Open Beta in Russia, and they very quickly hit some pretty impressive player numbers on their Russian servers!

Over the last few months we were also battling a few 'snafu's' of our own making - including some messed up threat ratings (which were fixed, but not before causing some major havoc in the game), and some issues around people suddenly having the ability to 'de-threat' almost at will (something that we also curtailed). We did try hard to not let those distract us from the critical work on 1.7.

New in 1.7 is brand new progression content, brand new modifications (like the ability to put a 'brick' on the accelerator in your car, jump out and turn the whole thing into semi-guided cruise missile), updates to missions that continue our long running work of making them more fun and engaging, map updates, as well as major updates to Fight Club with the launch of the Fight Club Challenge system (to give Fight Club a lot more definition and purpose).

We will be updating the Test World with 1.7 this weekend so people can start the process of testing out several of these new features, and then after our final semi-public test-run, we are hoping to go fully live to everyone in mid-April with the first set of 1.7 features.

Permanent Weapon Changes Coming

Last but not least... We will be changing the way you buy permanent weapons in the game in the future (!). Right now most permanent weapons are NOT account bound - but purchased for each character. In the near future we will (finally) be switching to a system that the most common permanent weapon will be account bound and apply to ALL your characters. For those who have already bought those permanent weapons in the past, those will then apply to all your characters. For those who bought more than one of the same permanent weapon, you will get some extra-special compensation and your credits back after this change goes into effect. More details to be provided soon.

More Bloggers!

In order to provide a lot more frequent updates to this blog I am also adding some new faces and posters who will start providing many more hands-on updates and news.

This was just a quick 'hello' to tell you guys that 'we are back.' Over the next week I am handing over the mic to APB's Producer 'Quinzel' to start sharing the gory 1.7 details, and then we will open up the floor to a bunch of different team members who will be able to share all the exciting new things we will finally be able to release.

Oh - and don't forget to go check out the latest stuff on the forums (specifically the revamped items that Quinzel just put up: Armas Spring Sale ). See you all in San Paro!


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Mercredi 14 mars 2012  
St. Paddy's Day Event!

We all know everyone loves to celebrate St. Paddy’s day, so why not show us how you’re celebrating St. Paddy’s day in APB!

From the 14th until the 19th of March - Simply take a screenshot of your character(s)celebrating St. Paddy’s in San Paro (In any way shape or form!)and share it in this thread. We will then select the top 10 WINNERS with the most St. Paddy’s Day spirit!


    1 - Submissions must be in the “spirit” of St. Paddy’s day
    2 - Player’s characters must wear green.
    3 - Screenshot should be composed purely in-game. No graphic manipulation (i.e. Photoshop.) allowed.
    4 - Include your character name and server in your submission post along with your screenshot.
    5 - Only one (1) submission per user.
    6 - APBR Team reserves the rights to disqualify entries deemed “inappropriate” or “politically incorrect”.
    7 - No account can win more than once.

Prizes: Each winner will receive 20 Joker Mystery Boxes(10 Box 1 and 10 Box 2's) to try out their Luck of the Irish on.

To help you celebrate the holiday in style, be sure to login to the game anytime between March 16th – 18th (PST) and we will give you a FREE St. Paddy’s Day themed Top Hat! For those of you who want to add a different twist to the all new Top Hat we will have a customizable version available in the Armas Marketplace too!

Please note when you receive your in-game mail for the hat, you will need to visit the wardrobe and look under the preset tab to find the top hat :)

So, get started on celebrating...

And may the luck of the Irish be with you!


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Mercredi 8 février 2012  
Valentines Week Massacre Event! + 1.6.2 Patch Notes

Welcome to the Valentine Week Massacre Event

Posted Image

At this oh-so-romantic time of year, we should all take the time to think about who's really important to us in that special way, then shoot them in the heart!!

Over the Valentine period, we will be sending all players that log in two Valentine Themed weapons. Both containing an exciting new modification.

Posted Image

STAR 556 'Love-Gun'

Posted Image

Colby SNR 850 'Cherub'

Sexy Symbols !

Posted Image

Heart-Shaped Sunglasses!

Posted Image

Specially designed for Valentine's day, this Colby M1922 is tastefully decorated in a white and pink livery with hearts to top it off. This variant comes with a 'Tagger' modification, which can help highlight enemies you hit.

Posted Image

Specially designed for Valentine's day, this STAR 556 is tastefully decorated in a white and pink livery with hearts to top it off. This variant comes with a 'Tagger' modification, which can help highlight enemies you hit.

Posted Image

Specially designed for Valentine's day, this Nekrova HVR 243 Scout is tastefully decorated in a white and pink livery with hearts to top it off. This variant comes with a 'Tagger' modification, which can help highlight enemies you hit, along with a Hunting Sight for better accuracy and regen when aimed.

Posted Image

Specially designed for Valentine's day, this Obeya CR-762 is tastefully decorated in a white and pink livery with hearts to top it off. This variant comes with 2 open slots plus a locked in 'Tagger' modification, which can help highlight enemies you hit.

Posted Image

Specially designed for Valentine's day, this Colby CSG-20 is tastefully decorated in a white and pink livery with hearts to top it off. This variant comes with a 'Tagger' modification, which can help highlight enemies you hit, along with a Magazine Pull for improved reload times.

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Specially designed for Valentine's day, this Joker Carbine is tastefully decorated in a white and pink livery with hearts to top it off. This variant comes with 2 open slots plus a locked in 'Tagger' modification, which can help highlight enemies you hit.

Killing enemies with these weapons will advance the two new roles that give Valentine themed prizes

We will also be selling a number of Valentine themed items on the 'Amorous’ Marketplace that will be unique for the Valentine’s event, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Each role level will unlock a something for you to use in-game.

The event shall start at approximately 6PM GMT (When America wakes up :D)

The event will run from Today (Wednesday 8th of February) until 20th of February

Players have 10 days with the Valentines Weapons to complete the roles to unlock as much as possible within the timeframe.

This role is advanced by killing players with any "Valentines" Weapon

    Valentine's Week Massacre

      Rank 1 - 50 Kills
      Rank 2 - 150 Kills
      Rank 3 - 300 Kills
      Rank 4 (Complete) - 500 Kills

This role is advanced by killing players with the "Valentines" Colby SNR

    Snubby Love

      Rank 1 - 25 Kills
      Rank 2 - 75 Kills
      Rank 3 - 150 Kills
      Rank 4 (Complete) - 250 Kills

So keep your eyes peeled for the day where everything turns Pink in San Paro.


Patch notes for Valentines Patch 1.6.2
1.6.1 (180) to 1.6.2 (182)


      At this oh-so-romantic time of year, we should all take the time to think about who's really important to us in that special way, then shoot them in the face!
      During the Valentine period, we will be sending all players that log in a Valentine themed STAR 556 and Colby SNR 850 with a special Valentines mod to help spread the love! Killing enemies with these weapons will level two new roles that give Valentine themed prizes, including

        Dreamy Death Themes!
        Sexy Symbols!
        Heart-Shaped Sunglasses!
        A Valentine’s Themed Tommy Gun! (for ten days)

      We will also be selling a number of Valentine themed items on the ‘Amorous’ Marketplace that will be unique for the Valentine’s event, so take a look!
      Added the Valentine themed STAR 556 'Love-Gun' and Colby SNR 850 'Cherub' that will be leasable from Contacts once the corresponding Valentine role has been completed.


      We're moving to a better texture system that will support alternative weapon skins. Over the next few patches, we'll be updating all the weapons to use this. For now the following weapons have had their textures updated:

        Joker SR15 Carbine
        N-HVR 243 Scout
        Colby CSG-20
        Obeya CR-762
        STAR 556

      Updated the Joker Carbine - it now loses and gains accuracy faster, so becomes fairly inaccurate when fired at its maximum cyclic rate, but regains that accuracy very quickly.


      Updated almost all the ceremony sounds in the game. Some of the things you'll notice new audio for:

        Mission win/loss
        Role advancement
        Unlocks (Vehicles, Clothing, etc)
        Contact Level Up
        Contact Maxed Out
        Contact Referral
        Max Notoriety/Prestige


      Fixed an issue in the Skill Rating/Threat Level system where it could wrongly apply large changes to a player's underlying skill value. We will be reverting any negative skill changes that this bug caused players.


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1.6.1 Patch Notes + Details

Potential side-effect of 1.6.1 that may or may not affect you.

Greetings players,

This is just a quick post to let you know that some players may log in to find that their account threat has been set to “In Training”.

This is best illustrated with an example. Let’s say we have a player Bob who has three characters:

    BobChar1 - Silver
    BobChar2 - Bronze
    BobChar3 - In Training” (But ‘under the hood’ this character may be gold, the system just doesn’t show it visibly as it’s still calibrating. Calibration usually takes around 10 opposed missions.)

In order to keep things fair in the transfer to account threat, the system takes the highest threat character and makes the account that same threat level. In this case the account threat would be “In Training” (but again, under the hood, this may actually be gold, and the system is still calibrating in order to be more sure of that).

So if you log in to find your account threat set to “In Training” do not panic, simply play a couple of missions and your real threat will be revealed. We apologise for the initial confusion this may cause, however, as a result, you will have a much more precise threat level in the future

1.6.1 Patch Notes

    Account Threat

      Account Wide Threat: The highest threat on your account is now applied to all characters on your account, each character will lose & gain the same threat level.
      Your new threat will be displayed on the Character Select screen.
      District Select: On the District Select screen, the instances tab will now display the average threat level for each individual instance.
      Manually entering districts which don't match your threat will result in overall reduced rewards.


      Added a cooldown to kicking players from a mission team during a mission.
      Removed the ability to delete mails containing unopened attachments.
      Overtime: Fixed timer flashing throughout the mission and repeated claxon sounds.


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