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Mardi 6 décembre 2011  
Mise à Jour 1.6.0

Notes de version 1.6.0

    Fight Club!

      Check out APB Reloaded's newest game mode - Fight Club - a proving ground where you can strut your stuff to show your dominance over the rest of the field.
      Using alternate versions of Financial's under-construction "Beacon" skyscraper and Waterfront's Baylan Shipping yard, these maps introduce large team battles for maximum action! Play up to 12 v 12 in Beacon and up to 16 v 16 in Baylan.
      Missions are Criminal vs Enforcer and are randomly selected between straight-up Deathmatch, 3-point Territory Control and 5-point Territory Control at the start of each round.
      Fight Club is perfect for those looking for bigger and longer missions as well as a way to work through roles to unlock weapons and more!
      Short on cash? Fight Club is your way to make money for that shiny new gun!
      32-bit Windows? As Fight Club is more concentrated than the Financial and Waterfront districts, players with 32-bit windows should notice substantial memory usage improvements when playing.
      Look out for Fight Club Challenges coming soon! Complete the challenges to get in-game rewards with something special for those who are really on top of their game!

    Mission Updates

      The UI for some mission objective types have been updated so that they are represented with visual 'bars' to make it clearer who is winning a mission.
      Some 'contestable' mission types (such as Capture/Hold and Territory Control) have been updated so that teams now accumulate 'points' while completing the objective. The team to reach the target number of points first, or the team with the most amount of points when the timer runs out, will win the mission.
      Which leads us to...


      Wish that the mission didn't end just as you were completing the objective? Did the other team snatch the item at the last second and walk away with a win when you led the whole mission? Overtime is here to end your mission with a bang!
      Performing an action on a mission objective as the timer runs out will now enter the mission into overtime. Complete the objective and then your team will move on to the next mission stage with time added to the clock. Die tryin' and you lose anyway.
      Capture/Hold and Territory Control missions will now enter overtime if the team behind on points controls the majority of the mission objevctives when the mission timer runs out. Overtime will continue until either the team that was losing overtakes the team that was winning or the team that was winning regain control of the majority of objectives.

    Scoreboard Update

      The scoreboard has undergone a facelift in order to support Fight Club and the new mission points system. Other changes include:

        The scoreboard is now 'ranked' with the MVP and top players at the top.
        Other characters' symbols will now show up correctly when you click on them.
        Separated Criminals and Enforcers in the character listing, in order to highlight the teams better.

    Camera Changes

      Numerous tweaks to almost all cameras. These include:

        The player camera has been moved in slightly (adjustable with the +/- keys) to give a more dynamic feel.
        Camera motion on player movement has been lowered and smoothed.
        Nearby explosions will have a greater impact on the camera.
        Greatly improved the vehicle passenger camera.

    New Achievements

      Added four new achievements for contact progression

        'New to the Force' - awarded to Enforcers for maxing out Ty Durrant and Eva Orlandez
        'Original G' - awarded to Criminals for maxing out Veronika Lee and Terri Quan
        'First Pick' - awarded to Enforcers for maxing out Violet Prentiss and Chung Hee
        'New Blood' - awarded to Criminals for maxing out Strega Bloodrose and Britney Bloodrose


      After spawning into a district or after a mission ends players will now automatically 'Ready Up' after a 30 second timer.
      Players can manually cancel the auto-ready by pressing 'K' during the auto-ready timer countdown, which will the revert to the old Ready system.


      Multiple tweaks to both Financial and Waterfront to fix various small issues.


      OCA: Recoil slightly increased
      PMG: Accuracy Slightly Increased, Magazine Capacity increased 18 -> 21
      SHAW: Starting Accuracy slightly increased, Movement modifiers decreased, Accuracy regen increased.
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